Parents In Switzerland Worried As Schools Reopen During The Pandemic

In Switzerland, parents are a little apprehensive to send their children back to school without the complete riddance of COVID-19.


May 11, 2020


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Swiss schools will start reopening on Monday. However, parents are experiencing anxiety as they are hesitating to send their children to school at a time when the virus has not been cured completely. Last month, parents in Denmark had a similar experience when schools re-opened only for no child to turn up.

Switzerland recorded more than 30,000 cases of the coronavirus with around 1,500 deaths. Not acknowledging the same, they have decided to loosen its lockdown as the outbreak reduces. Swiss health officials also said that young children have fewer chances of experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and seldom infect others due to their strong immune systems.

However, a source also revealed that children have the potential of being carriers of the virus and there is no guarantee that they cannot spread the virus. There is a huge chance that they might carry the virus in big quantities. France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States are also planning education reboots.

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