Parents’ Day 2020: Who Scores Better As A Parent Between Doctor Don’s Deva And Monica?

Deva is an overprotective father for his daughter Radha while Monica is a dismissive mother who wants her son to be strong. Who is a better parent? Read on!

Ankita Tiwari

July 26, 2020


3 min


Parents’ Day 2020 will be celebrated as a toast to the amazing parents all over the world. All of us are born as whiny babies and our parents put relentless efforts to transform us into well-brought-up adults. That said, each parent has their own unique quality and way of bringing up their child. Parents know what the child needs if it is a playful hand or a strict demeanour! In Zee Yuva’s Doctor Don, we witness two extremely different parents in the form of Deva and Monica, the difference being in their connection and emotions towards their children.

If you want to see these parenting styles in action, watch this episode of Doctor Don.

Devdatta Nage’s character Deva is a don. He owns a barrage of guns and pistols. But Deva has a heart and within it lives his daughter Radha. Deva and Radha’s relationship becomes strained once Radha discovers that her father is a don. But that does not stop Deva from pursuing his daughter and asking her to forgive him. He follows her to her college and everywhere she goes. Deva is an overprotective, emotional, and caring father who only wants the best for his daughter. He has spoilt Radha right from childhood and even now when she brazenly asks him to leave her alone, all he does is go home and cry. Deva might have made some mistakes in the past but he has given up all of his don-giri for his daughter. Isn’t that so so adorable?

Doctor Don - parents Day
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On the other hand, Shweta Shinde’s character Monica is the dean of the college where Radha and Kabir along with the other students study. Doctor Monica has a strict composure and is often seen meting out strict punishments. Monica forgets to leave her teacher persona at college and carries it all the way to the home where she lives with her son Kabir. She does not want anyone to find out that Kabir is her son and maintains a strictly formal teacher-student relationship with him. But she brings along her rules, stern glare, and the teacherhood to mix with parenthood. Monica has failed to realise at many occasions that Kabir is her son. But has this helped Kabir in becoming stronger? It certainly has!

So who is to judge what makes a parent a better parent? Not us of course! All we can do is wish you a Happy Parents’ Day. Have you wished your parents yet?

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