Parchhayee Episode 11 Review: It’s A One-Man Show With Darshan Kumaar Behind The Wheels

NH10 actor Darshan Kumaar headlines the new episode ‘Living with the Dead’ of ZEE5 Original horror series Parchhayee. Read our review here.

Aayushi Sharma

June 10, 2019


3 min


Mary Kom, NH10, Baaghi 2, PM Narendra Modi are proof, Darshan Kumaar‘s acting finesse precede him in every room he enters. The actor of all these movies and more marks his latest outing by headlining the new episode of ZEE5 Original series Parchhayee. Based on a collection of short horror stories by Ruskin Bond, the recent episode ‘Living with the Dead‘ is all about its name.

Similar to many of the stories in the digital drama presented earlier, Living with the Dead too is based in the mountains. The beginning shot of a man dying in a car accident because of a young boy itself spells tons of tension. Darshan plays Leo, a mortician or an undertaker who supervises or conducts the preparation of a dead body for the funeral. He is a bit off with the vibes, and not exactly a friendly employer to his only help. After the remains of a man named Richard get exchanged with Britto, the former’s ghost starts haunting Leo. He is even made to witness a series of events, as written on postcards by Richard in a box he leaves behind. But do these incidents hang by a common thread? Is Richard trying to tell Leo something? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out!

A scene from Parchhayee ft. Darshan Kumaar in a car
(Source: ZEE5)

As stated earlier, Darshan is synonymous with great acting chops. Living up to the reputation, the A Gentleman star brings a finely brewed screen appearance, impeccable dialogue delivery as a Christian man with the right accent and a bit of a baddie’s charm in his arsenal of weapons. Directors Ajay Bhuyan and Lov Pathak have excellently made the most of this tightly bound script, leaving no room for boredom. You may not experience the screams but the thrill is enough to leave you biting your nails through the 40 minutes!

The cinematography looks great, it is a very well-shot episode, to say the least. Even the supporting characters successfully enthrall, never looking as props in any scene. They only add to and accentuate Leo’s presence. Music seems fine too, for an episode that is not all blood-smeared faces and yelling your lungs out experience.

Overall, we’d recommend you watch it for the exciting twist and Darshan’s brilliant performance! Let us know what you think about the episode in the comments box below.

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