Paaru’s Adi And Preethu Make The Hottest Brother-Duo In K-Town And There’s No Denying It

Parinika Uchil

May 17, 2019

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1. Adi’s swag is in his hats

Source: Instagram

If there is one thing that the Zee Kannada Kutumba prides itself in, is its splendid choice of cast. For proof, watch the primetime show Paaru, starring the veteran Vinaya Prasad and Mokshitha Pai. The male leads Sharath Bharadhwaj and Sid Moolimani are two cool studs who keep themselves updated with the latest trends. Take a look at Sharath in a dapper cap/hat, for example. Just the way he has positioned it gives out a hunky vibe from him.

2. Preethu’s style suits his suits

Source: Instagram

Both the guys have different style appeals but are heartthrobs in their own way. Don’t you agree that this is a drool-worthy picture?

3. Adi - The traditional brother

Source: Instagram

All your boredom for the day or the week must have run away by now, isn’t it? Not only are these two talented, but their overall appeal and persona on the show are earning them more fans by the minute.

4. Preethu - The Wacky bro

Source: Instagram

While Preethu’s fashion sense is a little more wacky, Adi prefers to make mature-chic fashion choices. However, they will give you #siblinggoals because their styles are quite similar.

5. Any pose of Adi looks dashing

Source: Instagram

Adi’s ‘I know what you did’ pose is inspiration-worthy for anyone who is looking to break the monotony of standard poses. On the show, Adi is the more responsible son of Akhilandeshwari (played by Vinaya Prasad) while Preethu is the prankster who wreaks havoc in his mother’s life.

6. A top view for Preethu’s Sakkath appeal

Source: Instagram

If you are a fan of Preethu, now is the time to start taking fashion tips from his social media handles. To keep yourself trendy and stylish, mix and match combinations in your wardrobe like Sid.

7. A playful Adi

Source: Instagram

A simple pose from Sharath makes him look even more handsome don’t you think?

8. Relaxing pool time for Preethu

Source: Instagram

A filmy pose by the younger son of Akhilandeshwari in the swimming pool reminds us that ‘Summer is coming’. Time to enrol yourself in swimming classes! Oh! And did I mention that Preethu looks super hot in this pic?

9. Adi’s don’t mess with me look

Source: Instagram

The best look of Adi is this angry young man/don’t mess with me‘ look. This expression adds the rugged feel to his face making him look all the more handsome.

Which brother is your most favourite? Give a shout to them in the space below along with your comments.

Continue watching Paaru, streaming on ZEE5 now.

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