Paaru Weekly Update 23-27 March 2020: Janani And Preethu’s Marriage Gets Fixed


March 31, 2020

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Last week in PaaruPreethu goes into his room to confess his love for Janani. However, he dreams of Veerayya choking him to death. When he is snapped back to reality, he wonders if he should say what is there in his heart. Having had a conversation with him, Preethu decides not to tell him anything. Paaru consoles Adi and tells him not to worry much and not give up on anything.

In this week’s episode, Janani agrees to get married to the man of Veerayya’s choice. Even when he asks her if she is willing to get married, she does not say anything. This makes Appaji as well as Preethu sad.

Appaji feels sad about Janani's marriage
Appaji feels sad about Janani’s marriage

Preethu takes up the responsibilities to make the arrangements for Janani’s engagement. The two share a moment as they feel helpless and are unable to do anything to change this situation.

Preethu takes up responsibilites
Preethu takes up responsibilities

Janani also talks to the little girl and tells her a story of a girl who could not marry the man of her dreams as she had to marry someone else. The little girl tells her that if they are in love, then the boy and the girl must marry each other.

Janani begins to cry
Janani begins to cry

Adi and Paaru, on the other hand, go to Raghu and Akhila’s house to tell them that Janani’s marriage has been fixed and Preethu has not said anything as he does not want Veerayya to insult them in any way. Akhila is taken aback by this situation.

Adi visits Raghu and Akhila
Adi visits Raghu and Akhila

Adi and Paaru go back home. The groom and his family come to Veerayya’s house just then. Veerayya tells Preethu to take the groom and show him around. As he is taking him around, he asks Preethu to take him to Janani as he would like to meet her. Preethu takes him to her room and leaves.

The groom meets Janani
The groom meets Janani

Later that day, Akhila and Raghu come to Veerayya’s house to partake in the rituals. Before they can exchange rings, the groom refuses to get married to Janani as he says that she has been seen with another boy. He also tells him that he will only marry her if Veerayya possesses enough property.

Akhila and Raghu come to Veerayya's house
Akhila and Raghu come to Veerayya’s house

Raghu celebrates the fact that Veerayya lost the challenge of getting his daughter married within four days. Raghu also tells him that he has no other option but to get Janani married to his son. Having said that, Veerayya arranges for Preethu and Janani to get married. The two perform the needful.

Preethu and Janani's wedding gets fixed
Preethu and Janani’s wedding gets fixed

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