Paaru Weekly Recap 26 June-2 July 2019: Akhila’s Patience To Find Harish Is Running Out

Parinika Uchil

July 3, 2019

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Life hasn’t been all that great for poor Parvathi in the prominent show Paaru on Zee Kannada. Why, do you ask? We’ll tell you. So after she got accidentally married to Aditya for real, a devastated Paaru has been trying to cope with the fact that even though she is head-over-heels with her doddejamanre (Adi), she will be married to Harish soon. Then comes the attack on Akhilandeshwari by a hired contract killer Makrand. Paaru, without getting any sleep or rest, orchestrates a whole plan to save her God Akhila amma. Enter Anushka, the latest antagonist on the show, who hates Parvathi and wants to destroy her without Akhila’s notice.

While Paaru still has no idea about the real intentions of the woman who is supposed to marry Aditya, the day of her wedding arrives. But lo! On his wedding day, Harish realises that Paaru is the same woman whose eyes form the logo of Aditya’s company. As the marriage is progressing, Aditya makes a shocking discovery that Harish has gone missing! Another gut-wrenching moment soon comes into Paaru’s life when she learns that not only did Harish leave her, but her father too wants to die because of this embarrassment. The wedding gets called off but not before Akhilandeshwari promises to bring justice to whoever was at fault.

Let’s see what happened after that in the last week, shall we? 

1. Savithri Amma and the others are shocked to see Paaru back to normal.

Savithri Cannot Believe Paaru Is Back To Normal So Soon
Source: ZEE5

2. Aditya and Preethu too cannot understand why Paaru is her cheery self again.

Aditya And Preethi Are Both Puzzled To See Paaru Happy And Cheerful
Source: ZEE5

3. However, Akhila is the only one who understands Parvathi and asks her to vent out her frustration once and for all.

A Still Of Akhila And Paaru
Source: ZEE5

4. A cheerful Anushka is furious when Daamini shows her why she won’t get any time from Akhila.

Anushka And Daamini In A Still
Source: ZEE5

5. Paaru, who finally cries inconsolably on Akhila’s lap, is promised that she will get justice.

A Still Of Akhilandeshwari
Source: ZEE5

6. An enraged Anushka then tells Daamini that now Parvathi will pay severely for taking away Akhila’s attention.

An Irate Still Of Anushka
Source: ZEE5

7. Soon, Daamini plays her trump card and blames Paaru for Harish’s decision to run away.

A Still Of The Cast Of Paaru
Source: ZEE5

8. Hanumantha, who believes Daamini, beats up Parvathi causing Aditya to intervene.

A Still Of When Hanumantha Tries To Hit Paaru
Source: ZEE5

9. Daamini then questions Aditya about why he is supporting Paaru so much.

A Still Of Daamini
Source: ZEE5

10. When the fight between Adi and Daamini goes overboard, she threatens to show some evidence against Paaru.

When Aditya Demands Daamini To Show Proof Against Paaru
Source: ZEE5

11. Unknowingly, Aditya demands the proof.

A Still Of Aditya
Source ZEE5

12. When Daamini opens up the topic of the dummy wedding, Paaru and Aditya stand shell-shocked.

When Aditya And Paaru Stand Silent To Daamini's Accusation
Source: ZEE5

13. Yes! Akhila is more than furious when Daamini’s proof turns out to be a farce.

An Angry Still Of Akhilandeshwari
Source: ZEE5

14. Akhila goes to her room and returns with a gun, much to everyone’s astonishment.

Akhila Goes To Her Room And Returns With A Gun
Source: ZEE5

15. When Aditya, Raghu and Preethu ask her to control her anger. To this, she replies asking them to bring Harish to her in the next three hours.

Akhila's Sons And Try To Calm Her Anger
Source: ZEE5

16. Aditya, who leaves immediately with his brother, calls Akhila soon stating that Harish’s location has been traced.

Aditya Gives Akhila Some Good News
Source: ZEE5

17. Akhila informs everyone that the culprit will soon be revealed. A hassled Uma accidentally drops a vase in fear after hearing this.

Uma Accidentally Drops A Vase In Stress
Source: ZEE5

18. In the end, Akhila warns Daamini and Uma that if they had something to do with Harish’s disappearance, they will never see happiness again.

Akhila Sends A Warning To Daamini And Uma
Source: ZEE5

Will Daamini and Uma get caught? What will Aditya find out from Harish? Stay tuned to the next weekly update to find out.

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