Paaru Is The Sister Janani Always Wanted, Here’s Why

Take a look at how Paaru is the perfect sister to Janani. Details inside.


July 27, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Paaru, Preethu has taken upon himself to help Adi figure out his feelings for Paaru. He also tells him that he is so comfortable with Paaru and that they do not share just any friendship but more than that. Having said that, Adi is now in a fix wherein he does not know what feelings he has for Paaru and why they are so special. Preethu tells Janani that he can only help his brother out and cannot tell him that he is in love with Paaru as that is something that he must realise.

This week, Paaru proves yet again that she is nothing less than an ideal older sister that Janani has always wanted. When Akhila sends silk sarees and jewellery for Janani, she tells Paaru that she does not want any of it and will take it only when she has officially entered their house as the daughter-in-law. Paaru understands her point of view and goes to Akhila’s house to return all the things.


Apart from providing Janani with shelter, Paaru explains Janani’s point of view to Akhila in a way that does not make her furious. She also tells Akhila that Janani is more than excited to wear all the gifts that she has received. However, she will only feel that sort of satisfaction once she is welcomed into the family as Preethu’s wife. Paaru always understands Janani and has supported her with every decision that she has made. Janani thanks her for standing by her side and making sure that she explains her point of view to Akhila just the way it is.

Paaru also tells Janani that she has always wanted the best for her and will make sure that she does whatever it takes to send her to her husband’s house. They both share a sentimental moment.

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