Paaru: Here’s Why Anushka Needs To Confront Adi About Their Marriage

As Adi is falling in love with Paaru, it is essential that Anushka and he have a conversation. Read more.


July 29, 2020


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In the previous episodes of Paaru, Paaru proves yet again that she is nothing less than an ideal older sister that Janani has always wanted. When Akhila sends silk sarees and jewellery for Janani, she tells Paaru that she does not want any of it and will take it only when she has officially entered their house as the daughter-in-law. Paaru understands her point of view and goes to Akhila’s house to return all the things. Once again, Adi sees how she convinces Akhila and feels a strong sense of belonging with her.

Speaking of which, we see that Anushka recently confesses her feelings to Adi and told him that she wants to get married to him as soon as possible. While Paaru overhears this conversation, Adi is stunned and uncomfortable at the same time. He does not seem happy at all and does not want to get married to her either. However, he does not say anything. Anushka has also come to realise that there is something going on between Paaru and him and talks to Daamini about the same. Daamini tells Anushka that when they had all gone to the village, Paaru and Adi pretended to be married and something tells her that Paaru has developed feelings for him.

Anushka and Daamini

Anushka must have a conversation with Adi to ask him what he thinks about Paaru and if he is sure about getting married to her. She must also pick up on the cues of how Adi has not been feeling too happy about their wedding. Since they were friends before fixing up the marriage, Anushka can ask him what his feelings are and if he is in love with Paaru. This will also help him realise his feelings for her and give him some clarity as to what he wants to do next. Anushka must focus on being there for him as a friend as that is key for a good relationship. Instead, she tries to get rid of Paaru so that there is no communication between Adi and her.

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