Paaru Has A Series Of Twists And Turns That We Cannot Wait To See On Screen!


June 1, 2020

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In the previous episodes of Paaru, Raghu and Akhila are delighted that their son Preethu is finally engaged to the girl that he is in love with. Raghu too tells her that they would not have been able to witness his engagement if they hadn’t decided to go to Veeryya’s house. On the other hand, it is discovered that Paaru had spoken to Rahul who was going to marry Janani.

What makes this wait so exciting is the fact that Veerayya is unaware that Preethu is actually Raghu and Akhila’s son. Raghu plays it very smartly when he challenges Veerayya to get his daughter engaged on the day that he promised to. Just to prove a point to them, Veerayya gets his daughter engaged to Preethu. The question that arises is that Veerayya will inevitably come to know the truth. But will he put the past behind him and agree for Janani to get married into Akhila’s family?

Paaru Weekly Update 30 March-03 April 2020_ Janani And Preethu Seek Blessings
A still of Preethu and Janani

This also leads to the fact that he will come to know the bigger truth that Paaru and Adi are not actually married and it was a farce that they put on to enter his house. What happens when he discovers the same? Meanwhile, Daamini is on a mission to expose Adi and Paaru’s truth and makes several attempts to tell Veerayya that they are actually not married.

On the brighter side, while Paaru is in love with Adi, he is just beginning to develop feelings for her. Will he be able to identify his love for Paaru? And, will Akhila approve of their relationship?

A romantic moment between Paaru and Adi
A romantic moment between Paaru and Adi

Well, we can’t wait to see what happens in this series of events. While every relationship must be started on the basis of truth, it is only a matter of time that Veerayya discovers the same.

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