Paaru: Akhila Takes Charge Of The House

Akhila surprises Paaru. Details inside.


September 12, 2020


2 min


In the previous week of Paaru, Adi is tense with some work in the office due to which he is not in a good mood. When Parvathi tries to make him drink salted coffee, Adi gets even angrier and brings up the fact that she has never been treated like a house help as a result of which she should at least do her job properly. He also says that the reason they let her keep the bangles are because of the trust they have in her.

In recent episodes of Paaru, we see that Paaru makes Gani remove the bangles as a result of which she gets hurt and cannot perform the chores at home to the best of her capacity. Moreover, she is taken by surprise by Akhila when she sees that someone has already cooked lunch for the family before she could.

Elsewhere, Daamini is relieved to see that the bangles are back into their house. She tells Anushka about the same. Meanwhile, Paaru tells Akhila that she need not worry as her wounds will heal once she puts some medicine on it.

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