Paaru 2: Here’s What You Need To Look Forward To In The Next Few Episodes

Paaru is getting more and more exciting! Details inside.


July 31, 2020


2 min


Paaru is getting more and more interesting as Parvathi has decided to go back to Janani’s house to get rice from Veerayya as part of a ritual for Janani to move into her in-laws’ house. Just as Paaru thinks of what to do, she meets Guruma who asks her why she looks so troubled.

Paaru tells her that she needs to collect rice from Veerayya and does not know how to do so as he is very angry with her. Guruma tells her that she will help him out. She then goes to Veerayya’s house and tells him that she has come from another village to perform a ritual and as he is the head of the village, she would like to for him to participate in the ritual which would require him to come and give rice to the women of the village. Veerayya readily agrees to do the same as he says that he will be blessed to help the women. He also asks her if she would need any financial help for the rituals that need to be performed.

Now that Veerayya has agreed to do the same, Paaru will be there to collect the rice. What makes the next few episodes intriguing as ever is to see how Paaru goes about collecting the rice without Veerayya realising that it is Parvathi who has come to collect the rice. If she does get caught, will he forgive her? Will Veerayya try to change his perspective with regard to Akhila so that he can take part in Janani’s married life? Well, we can’t wait to watch the next episode!

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