Opinion Poll: Vote For Your Favourite Scene From Pookalam Varavayi

From Samyuktha’s marriage with Abhimanyu to a fight between Ashokan and Rasheed, tell us which one of these most-watched scenes are your favourite.

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May 30, 2020


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Pookalam Varavayi has always surprised the audience with interesting twists in the story and memorable characters. From Samyuktha’s befitting response to Sharmilla to Abhimanyu saving Nithya from Rasheed, we have compiled several special moments from the show, just for you. Tell us which one of these scenes are your favourite from the show by marking your vote below.

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#1 When Abhimanyu saves Nithya from Rasheed

Abhimanyu fights off Rasheed to save Nithya
Abhimanyu fights off Rasheed to save Nithya

The episode where Abhimanyu saves Nithya by fighting off Rasheed’s men was one of the most action-packed scenes of Pookalam Varavayi. Abhimanyu, who finds Nithya missing during engagement ceremony, figures out that Rasheed’s men have kidnapped her. He gave all of us goosebumps when he fights all of the goons to save Nithya.

#2 Samyuktha agrees to marry Abhimanyu

Samyuktha and Saptathi light the lamps
Samyuktha agrees to marry Abhimanyu

Karthiyayaniamma appeared as a saviour to help Harshan and Saptathi when she tells Sharmilla that Samyuktha is going to be Abhimanyu’s bride. We all had a doubt that Samyuktha might disagree to marry Abhimanyu, as he had been rude to her in the past. But Samyuktha sacrificed herself by agreeing to marry Abhimanyu to help Harshan and Saptathi.

#3 Ashokan Attacks Rasheed

Ashokan stops Rasheed
Ashokan stops Rasheed

During the reception for the marriage ceremony, Sharmilla hires Rasheed to shoot Saptathi and Nithya. As Rasheed was about to fire his gun, Ashokan attacks him and saves Saptathi and Nithya. All of us were surprised when Samyuktha reveals that Ashokan was working with her against Sharmilla.

#4 Nithya’s letter to Yatheenthran and Parvathy

Yatheenthran and Parvathy finds Nithya's letter
Yatheenthran and Parvathy finds Nithya’s letter

Everyone hated Nithya for disappearing during the marriage ceremony, making Samyuktha Abhimanyu’s bride. Nithya remains untraceable despite Samyuktha’s efforts to locate the former. It was an emotional moment for all of us when Yatheenthran and Parvathy received a letter from Nithya who thanks them for adopting her as their daughter. Another scene that made us teary-eyed was when Yatheenthran and Parvathy forgive Nithya for disappearing without leaving a trace.

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