One Of Irrfan Khan’s Best Films, Watch Madaari For Free On ZEE5 – Only On 26 Apr 2020

Madaari tells the story of a single parent avenging his son’s death. Watch this Irrfan Khan starrer streaming free on ZEE5 only on 26 Apr 2020, Sunday

Kenneth Carneiro

April 25, 2020


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As you go through the difficult times of the Coronavirus pandemic, and aim to keep your family safe, you can watch ‘Madaari’ free on ZEE 5 on this Sunday, April 26, 2020. Irrfan Khan, as Nirmal, portrays a man who lost his son who was his whole world. Nirmal’s story and how he battles the difficult situations, shows us that situations can become very difficult in just the blink of an eye, but we need to keep going forward and do the right thing. This film also stars Jimmy Sheirgill and Tushar Dalvi among others.

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Madaari begins as Nirmal kidnaps the Home Minister’s son, Rohan from his hostel. He only demands one thing in return that the government help him look for his son. He believes that the politicians and their corrupt actions were responsible for taking his son away from him. The movie clearly shows how a person feels when the people they love the most, are taken away from them. It is the sense of helplessness that fuels anger, and anger that creates vengeance.

While the politicians and the police try to find Nirmal, he develops a strong bond with Rohan. The child too, eventually understands that it was the authorities who were at fault and subtly starts supporting Nirmal. Irrfan’s commendable performance will keep you engrossed. His beautifully portrayed bond with a young boy, who he starts seeing as his own son, will bring tears to your eyes.

This Movie is entertaining, eye-opening, and has a very valuable lesson; that in the face of adversities, giving up is not an option. Be it the situation Nirmal finds himself in, or the arduous journey that the whole world is taking together in the present time, it is necessary to look at the future and focus on your goals to achieve them. When a tough journey is over, the victor emerges as a renewed person, he has learnt much more and is stronger and wiser.

Watch Madaari for free, this Sunday exclusively on ZEE5, and #BeCalmBeEntertained

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