On Your Off-Day Do What Bramhagantu’s Gundamma Does And Go For A Fish Spa

Parinika Uchil

April 12, 2019

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Bramhagantu actress Geetha Bhat is known for her unique methods of destressing. After spending time in nature, the next best thing for her is to self-indulge. Geetha loves going to fish spas, which is slowly gaining popularity as it is feared by many. But trust me, it is all in the mind.

Will Geetha and Lucky be together again? Watch this episode to know more:

The process is simple. A species of fish known for their healing methods are introduced into a small tank or pool of water. Here, you either put your feet in the water, or hands. The specific Garra Rufa fish are known to heal ailments like psoriasis (a chronic skin condition), warts and dead skin. 

To begin with, these fish are extremely friendly, so NO, they don’t bite! If you fear the ‘uncontrollable tickle’ on your feet, well that is a part and parcel of a service like this. Secondly, when they feed on the dead skin of your body, especially your feet, they are eliminating any chances of fungal infections and foot odour for you, which is awesome. Apart from this, these fish spa therapies help greatly in stimulating blood flow, circulation and acupuncture points in your body. It is almost like a nature pedicure, without the headache of chemicals and hour-long procedures. Since it includes exfoliation as well, you never have to step foot in a parlour again. Lastly, this is particularly known to give your feet or hands a completely rejuvenated feel 

So, the next time you are feeling distressed and want to go to a salon, head to these fish spa parlours instead. They will surely change your thinking about such therapies.   

If you have recently got one, or are planning to get a fish spa, don’t forget to let us know about your experience in the space below.

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