On Subbalakshmi Samsara, A New Antagonist Has Entered And You Will Want To Know Who She Is

Parinika Uchil

April 25, 2019

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Subbulakshmi Samsara is a show about a woman named Subbalakshmi and her married life. The protagonist is played by Deepa Bhaskar, who has an exceptional talent of being relatable to many such housewives turned businesswomen, in the same situation. What situation you may ask? Well, unfortunately for Subbi (as she is lovingly called), her husband turned out to be a cheater, who gets into an illicit affair with his secretary, Shanaya. While Subbalakshmi tries her best to save her husband from the eyes of money-minded Shanaya. She fails in everything possible way.

Enter, Arun Prasad, Gurumurthy’s rival and nemesis, who has recently developed a soft corner for Subbi. So much so that when Guru kicked her out of the house for Shanaya’s sake, Arun took Subbi to his house. Not to forget, his cute daughter is all ga-ga for her Subbamma. This living situation, however, is disapproved by Arun’s deceased wife’s mother and her younger daughter Charulatha. According to her mother, it is Chaarulatha who is ideally the next prospective wife of Arun.

Now that we all caught you up, let’s look at what happened last week on the show.

1. Arun lashes out at Chaarulatha and her mother

A Still Of The Cast Of Subbalakshmi Samsara
Source: ZEE5

Arun gets enraged when Chaarulatha and her mother try to ruin the auspicious day and tells Subbi that only if she does the pooja, it will take place.

2. Shanaya gets a shocking clue about Guru’s whereabouts

A Still Of Shanaya Who Is Shocked To See Guru's Phone And A Message On It
Source: ZEE5

Meanwhile, Shanaya is worried for Guru who doesn’t come back home for quite some time and suddenly makes an alarming discovery on his phone lying outside. It instructs her to come to some spot if she wants to see her Gary.

3. Subbi insulted by Chaaru and her mom

A Still Chaaru, Her Mother And Subbi
Source: ZEE5

Despite many efforts, Subbi is unable to convince them to forget their anger and eat food but their insults just keep increasing.

4. Subbi lashes out

A Still Of Subbalakshmi And Arun Prasad
Source: ZEE5

With the increased insults, Subbi loses her cool just in time for Arun to spot her in the commotion, with her hands raised at Chaaru.

5. What Arun actually felt about the mother-daughter duo

Arun Prasad, Chaarulatha, Her Mother And Subbi In A Still
Source: ZEE5

Arun soon discloses how he actually felt about the situation that got out of hand and asks Subbi not to be nice to just degraded people, much to Chaaru and her mother’s chagrin.

6. Enter a powerful lady named Maria

A Still Of A Politician Named Dharmendra And Maria
Source: ZEE5

Showing off her power and reach to a local politician, a woman named Maria comes to town, who claims herself to be merciless!

7. Subbi goes to her husband’s house

A Still Of Deepa Bhaskar Aka Subbalakshmi
Source: ZEE5

Shanaya who is hurrying to go the location sent on Gary’s phone, is shocked to see Subbi enquiring about her husband’s whereabouts and somehow handles the situation by lying to the latter.

8. Subbi’s mishap on the way back home

Subbi Meets With An Accident On The Way To Arun's House
Source: ZEE5

As she is returning home, the woman named Maria and Subbi’s vehicles crash, causing the latter to fall miserably. While Maria doesn’t know who she is yet, she maintains a low-profile and later vents out her anger to her driver.

9. Arun consoles Subbi at home

A Still Of Arun Prasad And A Worried Subbi
Source: ZEE5

Subbalakshmi, who is shattered by her husband’s disappearance, goes to Arun’s home and breaks down in front of him.

10. Shanaya meets Gary’s kidnapper finally

A Still Of Shanaya And Her Mother Maria
Source: ZEE5

And it turns out to be her own mother, Maria! She tries her best to get information about Guru from her mother but in vain.

11. Maria learns about Shanaya’s nemesis

Maria Is Startled To See Subbalaksmi's Photo
Source: ZEE5

Maria is surprised to see the same woman she met an accident with being the person her daughter hates the most. She promises to ruin Subbalakshmi’s life and tells Shanaya about what happened earlier.

12. Bharti aunty’s arrival calms Subbalakshmi

A Still Of Bharti Aunty
Source: ZEE5

Upon seeing Bharti aunty, Subbi is delighted. Later, she thanks the former for coming all the way over to see her and instil some courage in her.

13. Maria hires a contract killer

A Still Of A Contract Killer Hired By Maria To Kill Subbi
Source: ZEE5

With two days time to observe Subbalakshmi’s lifestyle, Maria hires a contract killer to end the latter’s life!

14. Arun gives Subbi a big responsibility

A Still Of Subbalakshmi
Source: ZEE5

Subbalakshmi is shocked when Arun wants her to handle an important tender meeting. Owing to his troubled health, he somehow convinces her to go. She, on the other hand, is not so sure. Thanks to Vinod, Maria finds out what Subbi is up to.

15. Maria’s plan for Subbi

A Still Of Subbalakshmi In An Accident
Source: ZEE5

As a stroke of a second coincidence, Maria causes another accident to Subbi without letting her know it was on purpose. This causes all her tender papers to scatter around her.

16. Perfect opportunity for Maria

Maria In A Still Holding Subbalakshmi's Tender Paper
Source: ZEE5

After causing the accident, Maria purposefully steals the main tender sheet from Subbi’s scattered papers and promises to cause more such accidents in her life henceforth.

17. Arun gets furious with Subbalakshmi

A Still From The Show Subbalakshmi Samsara
Source: ZEE5

After learning about what happened from Vinod, Arun, who is resting due to his illness, gets very upset with Subbalakshmi, much to Chaaru and her mother’s happiness.

18. Chaaru and her mother try to add fuel to the fire

The Cast Of Subbalakshmi Samsara In A Still From The Show
Source: ZEE5

When Subbalakshmi returns home, Chaaru, her mother and Arun’s mother scold Subbi gravely and assume that Arun will join in with them.

19. Subbi is shocked at Arun’s reaction

A Smiling Still Of Subbalakshmi Gurumurthy
Source: ZEE5

Much to everyone’s surprise, Arun appreciates that Subbi couldn’t make it to the meeting because upon research he had learnt that it would cause him bad losses.

So we have an ‘alls well that ends well‘ situation for Subbi. But what will Maria do now? You must stay tuned to find out.

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