On Sathya Actress Ayesha’s Birthday, A Look At 5 Things We Absolutely Love About Her

The subtle flaws and the greater good that the character imbibes is something that each of us likes about Sathya.

June 6, 2019


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Sathya is a character who is gradually gaining popularity and fame, not just because of the beautiful actress Ayesha who plays the part of Sathya but also because of the manner in which the character is developed. The subtle flaws and the greater good that the character imbibes is something that each of us likes about Sathya. So, today, on the birthday of actress Ayesha let us take a look at five things about Sathya that we love the most.

Watch the conflicts and issues in Sathya’s life.

But before we go on to list those five things, let us take a look at what Ayesha’s co-stars have to say about her on her birthday.

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So, without any further delay let us look at those five things that we love about our very own ‘Rowdy Baby’ and that makes her different from the others.

1. The kind soul

The first and foremost is the fact that Sathya is a kind soul with a big heart. She struggles to help people without even thinking of her own desires and wishes. In fact, we have seen her go to any extent to help people out.

2. Happy go lucky

Honestly, Sathya’s happiness is infectious. She tries to find the fun quotient in small things in life. This is also what makes her unique from the other sad and depressed characters in other shows.

3. Confidence

This is something that we should, in fact, learn from Sathya’s character, her self belief and confidence. It is also what provides her with the courage to set things right.

4. Honest emotions

Her emotions are true, unlike others, she does not fake her emotions. So, when she loves or cares for someone it is with all her heart that she does.

5. Responsible

Though at times she might seem to a bit too headstrong but she knows how to take responsibility for things and people. In many aspects, this is what makes her the best.

So, what do you think about Sathya? Do not forget to leave your message to the actress in the section given below.

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