Omkaram 23 April 2020: From The Importance Of Deepam To Things You Can Do At Home

Today is another day and here are a few things you can learn and follow, as taught and instructed on the Zee Telugu devotional show, Omkaram.

Sneha Bale

April 23, 2020


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The nation-wide lockdown has been going strong and there seems to be no easy or early way out of it. While forces are coming together to help people heal faster, mother nature has also been blooming in the most beautiful ways. Most of us are going through several bittersweet moments at home, and it is important to have a guiding light into a brighter day. Here’s a little something for you, for today.

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The Zee Telugu show, Omkaram is a devotional show hosted by Devishree Guruji. He talks about various things that bind our day to day life together. And today, he speaks about how we could make our lives better whilst confined inside the housed. Amongst the many lessons on types of deepam and the importance of its lights, here are a few key takeaways for April 23, 2020.

Today, it is Padmakayogam which is considered to be a great day on many levels, for all people. He suggests expressing gratitude towards people who have been working day and night, endlessly, to keep us safe. Not only doctors, nurses and police official, but it is also important to thank compounders and janitors and others who haven’t been able to lock themselves down inside houses, for our safety.

A still from Omkaram
A still from Omkaram

At such times, Guruji explains that imbibing good qualities in children is the best gift you could give to the world. He talks about appreciation kids at each of their wins which will further motivate them to get better. It leaves an impression of themselves in a brighter picture and allows them to develop further. Moreover, he talks about how keeping them away from the worldly negativity has a key role in growth.

In a wide section of the show, Guruji explains the importance of various deepam that we use in our everyday lives and also explains its specifics. During our current times, he suggests lighting a water deepam with Vepa aaku (neem leaves) to purify the air around us.  In the Ayurshekmam section of the show, Guruji gives a small tip which will help in building immunity.

Ginger root powder or Shunti along with cinnamon sticks provide us with Vitamin C, Magnesium and Iron. These help in relieving joint pain and building better immunity. He suggests grinding them to a fine powder and adding it to tea or coffee. For the folks who avoid caffeinated drinks, he suggests drinking this mixture along with honey and a few drops of lemon to boiling water for good results.

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