Omerta: Omar Saeed Sheikh’s Terror Counterparts – A Look At India’s Most Wanted List

The story of the terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh is unlike any other. It reminds us of all the other most wanted terrorists like D-Company’s head to the current Mumbai terror attacks mastermind. Read more about them here.

Ankita Tiwari

July 27, 2020


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Rajkummar Rao and Hansal Mehta’s dynamic duo has always thrown surprises at the audience in the form of Shahid, Newton, and Omerta! The filmmaker and actor are a pair who match in the cinematic sense. They bring ideas and stories to the celluloid in the most explosive form (while in the case of Omerta ‘explosive’ stands real). The story of the terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh is unlike any other. Why you may ask? Because Omar Saeed comes from an educated background and had absolutely zero exposure to terror activities until he was 16! Perhaps the terrorism seeps down within the veins right from the birth. And this is true in the case of these Top 10 Wanted Terrorists Of India.

Catch the trailer of Omerta, a film based on real events.

Dawood Ibrahim: The most dreaded terrorist of India, was born in Mumbai, India, and was the son of a police constable. Dawood is the financier and links to many jihadi organizations. He is the key suspect behind the 1993 Mumbai blasts. He is allegedly the mastermind behind 26/11 Mumbai blasts as well. Dawood is said to be in Dubai and Karachi as his hideout spots. He is also involved in other illegal trafficking businesses. He is said to manage the operations in Mumbai even though he does not stay in the city.

Sajid Mir: The man who came to India as a fan of cricket and did a thorough recce and survey for the attacks of 26/11. One of the assets of ISI and the member of the Pakistani parliament at some point, Sajid Mir is the face and the brain behind 26/11 attacks. The Mumbai attacks were the worst smack and the shocking loss of lives has led the Indian government to stick to these names of the masterminds being in the most-wanted list.

Hafeez Muhammad Saeed: The biggest suspect and the main mastermind behind the 26/11 attacks, Hafeez Muhammad Saeed is the head of the Lashkar-E-Tayaba, the organisation that trains young boys and brainwashes them to spread jihad. Hafeez is also said to be behind the Parliament attack of 2001 and the train blasts of 2006.

Syed Salahuddin: The head of Hizbul-mujaheddin, Syed Salahuddin is said to be the person behind the terror strikes at Jammu and Kashmir. The main aim of the terror organisation headed by Salahuddin is to take over the Kashmiri region.

Masood Azhar: One of the four terrorists who were freed in the exchange of innocent passengers of Air India flight 814, Masood Azhar has grown to become one of the most horrendous terror tyrants. He has founded the tribe Jaiesh-E-Mohammad and its sole aim is to spread terror in the name of Jihad. Omar Saeed Sheikh worked with Masood Azhar for a long time.

Omar Saeed Sheikh: The subject of the film Omerta, Omar Saeed is the man behind the westerners kidnapping of 1994. He was the second terrorist that the hijackers of 814 asked for. Omar is also a link to the 9/11, 26/11 and the Daniel Pearl murder (for which he was recently acquitted).

Major Iqbal:  Major Iqbal is the Most wanted for his link to the terror attacks. He is said to be still serving in the Pakistani army. He was the trainer and advisor of David Headley.

Chhota Shakeel: Chhota Shakeel is a member of the D-Company formed by Dawood Ibrahim. He is the manager of terror activities. He plays an important role in the company and can easily lead the police to the main boss!

Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi: The founder of Lashkar-E-Tayaba and the main commander, Zakiur Rehman has been arrested for the 26/11 attacks and is in the Pakistani prison currently.

Anees Ibrahim: Dawood’s brother and a member of D-Company, Anees monitors D-Company’s finances and activities. A crucial link to the terrorism gangs, Anees is now underground and not much information about his whereabouts are currently available.

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