Now, Immunity-Boosting Bakery Products To Combat Coronavirus?

A young Kashmiri girl along with her father has made biscuits and cakes in their bakery which apparently boost immunity.

Raghav N

August 4, 2020

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led people to consume healthier foods. While doctors work towards producing a vaccine to successfully combat the virus, they are also encouraging everybody to increase their intake of immunity boosting foods.

Looking at this increase in demand for enhanced nutrition, a Kashmiri girl from Srinagar has invented immunity boosting bakery products. Asma Mohiddin is making biscuits and cakes incorporated with seeds and spices which are natural and rich in anti-inflammatory properties. The young food technologist stated that the ingredients used by her, have scientifically proven health benefits including the presence of immunomodulators.

When this idea struck Asma, she immediately shared it with her father, Sofi Mohiddin, who agreed to work on it with her. According to him, the products are made with the best natural and indigenous ingredients. Produced in small batches, the samples were sent for testing to the food lab and have come back with promising results.

With more than 22,000 cases of the coronavirus in Jammu and Kashmir, an idea like this will bring about some happiness for those looking at healthy and tasty snacking options.

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