Notorious Hrithik Or Clever Mishri: Who Is Your Favorite Child Actor On AndTV?

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July 1, 2019


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Be it a TV show or a movie, a comedy show or a thriller, child characters are always adorable. If you remember, some of the popular actors like Kinshuk Vaidya and Bhavya Gandhi, who are currently playing the lead roles, had started their career as child artistes.

These characters not only add up to the story but are also an integral part of it. Surprisingly, some of the characters are more popular than the lead actors. Today, we have shortlisted the most favourite child characters from the popular shows on And TV. Without wasting much time take a look.


Little Krishna Of Paramavatar Shri Krishna


Little Krishna from Paramavatar Shri Krishna has become one of the most popular characters on Indian Television. The little Kanha who entertains us with his naughtiness also teaches great lessons of life. The way the actor Nirnay Samadhiya has got into the character is commendable.

Radha Of Paramavatar Shri Krishna


When we talk about Kanha, how can we forget Radha? While Kanha is a mischevious, smart and charming kid from Vrundavan, Radha is no less. Being the avatar of goddess Lakshmi, Radha is known to be intelligent, strong headed and beautiful. The little actress who essays the role is Maahi Soni.

Mishri Of Meri Hanikarak Biwi


The little girl who brought a major twist in Akhilesh and Ira‘s life is their daughter Mishri aka Vaishnavi Prajapati from the show Meri Hanikarak Biwi. She grew up listening to the stories about her father but never got a chance to meet him. Later when she learnt about her father and mother’s separation, she did her best efforts to bring them back together and succeeded. Like a strong girl, she recovered from a major accident and also fought against an evil robot to protect her family.

Vansh Of Meri Hanikarak Biwi


Another character who was introduced in the same show was Vansh, son of Devina’s daughter Siddhi. She left him in boarding and then asked his grandmother Devina to take care of him. When we saw him for the first time we got a little bit negative vibe but later when he became friends with Mishri, he changed totally and won our hearts. He supported Mishri in getting back Akhilesh and Ira together.

Hrithik Of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan


It wouldn’t be wrong if we call him a Mumma’s boy. The most notorious and mischievous kid of daroga Happu Singh who will be continuing his father’s talent of taking bribes. Though Hrithik aka Aaryan Prajapati is his mother’s favourite, he is smart and always waiting for the right opportunity to make profits.

Chamchi Of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan


If Hrithik has Rajesh then Chamchi aka Zaara Warsi has Katori Amma. If you ever get a chance to go to Happu Singh’s house make sure you don’t meet these two characters as she is the spy of the house. She always keeps a tab on whatever suspicious things happen in the house especially if it is against Amma. This character reminds us of those siblings who are looking out to hear our conversations and make news out of it.

Ranbir of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan


Ranbir played by Somya Azad is a character who enjoys his singing and loves to sing appropriate songs according to the scenario in the house. He is the most naive person in daroga Happu Singh’s family and wishes to become a famous singer.

Surely these talented kids are the future of the industry and it will be interesting to see them after a few years in a leading role in movies and shows.

Who according to you is your favourite character? Let us know in the comments section below with the hashtag #HappuKiUltanPaltan #ParamavatarShriKrishna and #MeriHanikarakBiwi.

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