Not Plain Boring! Vennela Kishore Spills Sass At Every Step In Allu Sirish Starrer ABCD

Sneha Bale

July 3, 2019


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Getting rid of unsolicited advice


In the 2019 film ABCD, starring Allu Sirish, Vennela Kishore plays a cameo and appears exactly in three scenes. Yet his character remains memorable. Koffee with Kishore is the name of the show that he hosts as a television journalist, but ends up being outrageous every few seconds. His sassy behaviour is a treat to watch.

Once, one of the crew members tries to tell Kishore what is to be done on his show. To him, Kishore replies: “O sthai ledu, o sthanam ledu, pratiokadu salahalu evadaniki bayildertuntadu.” (No authority, no status. Yet everyone tries to rush in to give advice.)

Getting work done


Not everyone is a perfectionist and not everyone gets the work done in the best way and on time. We get it. We all deal with it, most of the times without making a fuss. But Koffee with Kishore? Nuh uh! He tells his crew: “Aa paperlu ikkada tagaledte news chepi jeetham tesukuvelta.” (If you can throw those papers on my desk, I’ll spit out the news, take my salary and leave.)

Being the grammar Nazi


You can expect a journalist to be a grammar Nazi. And Kishore here, proves exactly why people hate them. During his session, he comes across two mistakes on the teleprompter. And here’s what he has to say: “Basic punctuation telida? Time avagane mandu kotadam kaadu, sir. Timing lo comma’lu kotadam teliyali.” (You don’t know basic punctuation? You shouldn’t just know to take a drink when the hour strikes. You must also take a comma when it’s needed.)

Roasting a celebrity


Kishore starts reading the teleprompter and introduces Avi (Sirish). He stops midway to know why exactly is the person garnering so much media attention and public appreciation. A crew member shows him the picture of Avi and here’s what Kishore thinks: “Yevarandi ee son of Sathyamurthy? Yevadu veedu? Chuddanike buggalu vachina bunny laa unnadu.” (Who is he? Who is this Son of Sathyamurthy? He looks like a chubbier version of Bunny – Allu Arjun.)

Describing difference in opinion


At one point in the film, Kishore gets the chance to interview Avi and Basha. He is sure that he will make them nervous to a point where they will spill the truth behind their facade and accept their mistakes. Avi tries to maintain the image but Basha slips a few times. Kishore notices this and points it out to the live audience by saying: “Nuvvu tana ante tanu tandana antunadu, baaga undi”. (When you say tana, he ends up saying tandana. It’s a nice story.)

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