Non-Stop BachFun: 4 Animated Shows On ZEE5 That Your Kids Will Enjoy Watching


April 10, 2020


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1. Bantul The Great

Many of us will agree that watching cartoons is one of the best memories during childhood. Growing up, most of our TV viewing sessions involved animated shows that we would devour with glee — sometimes for hours if our parents allowed it! With the new Kids tab on ZEE5, you too can provide your child with ample entertainment like these cartoons we’ve recommended. Check them out!

Bantul The Great is a show based on the famous comic created by Narayan Debnath and is all about the beloved Bantul, a superhero, who fights against evil and protects the good. Each episode tells a story about a new adventure that he has, such as the curious case of the talking painting, and the one with the dog from Kashimganj.

2. Chander Buri O Magicman

Chander Buri O Magicman is a fictional cartoon show based on the character of Chander Buri, a very wise old lady with mysterious powers, who holds the answer to all questions. She knows what the world was like 5,000 years ago, and what it will be like 5,000 years hence, and entertains all the children who flock to her to listen to her stories.

3. Bhootu

Bhootu is a lovely show about a little girl who realises she is a ghost, who had lost her life a long time ago in a fire. She wanders around with her bird, Pihu, for a companion as nobody seems to be able to see her. She does however, make many friends her age later, and they have several adventures where she uses her magical powers to get herself and her friends out of all kinds of trouble. Bhootu also ran as a hugely popular Bengali TV serial on Zee Bangla.

4. Maa Durga Maa Kali

Maa Durga Maa Kali is a show which retells the fascinating tales of Goddess Durga and Goddess Kali, in animation. Kids will love the beautiful characters and the simple narration, and it is a great way to be entertained while gaining rich knowledge about mythology.

Which of these animated shows did you enjoy the most? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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