No 1 Kodalu: 4 reasons why Vagdevi can be a great role model!

Vagdevi’s personality is one that we all marvel at. From being a bold woman to having a go-getter attitude, she is a lady that can be a great idol for kids. Read more about her.

Sneha Bale

September 15, 2020


4 min


No 1 Kodalu is an amazing serial for many reasons, apart from its noted cast, with Madhumitha, Kranthi and Hrithi. It is also led by Sudha Chandran, who made a comeback in Telugu industry, after 35 years as Vagdevi. While the show focuses on the new concept and message of women empowerment and equality, the role of Vagdevi is a real inspiration and another reason why keep going back to it.

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For the last few months, we have seen how Vagdevi is a tough lady who knows how to earn what she dreams of. In a true sense, Vadgevi’s personality is unique and quite motivating. Here are 5 things that you can learn from her.

Her views on education

For Vagdevi, one of the most important things is education. She has always been vocal about the need for education and makes sure to help people around her in terms of education. This value sets her apart as a leader as she ensures to empower women in the right way possible – by education.

Reason for existence

As an educated person, her only goal is to get all her kids educated. For this, she is ready to struggle and take any big step necessary to make it possible for them. This dedication is a key trait that makes her a very admirable person. It is important to have this kinda grit and determination in life. Her confidence and will to win is something that is worth learning.

She’s a woman of action

In order to help her kids and their future, she didn’t hesitate a moment and moved to the city. Despite being new, she doesn’t give up easy and builds a huge empire to educate and help people get the right education. Now that’s an admirable quality. Instead of just waiting around, she likes to get down to work and do it by herself. Her confidence and steadfast attitude are commendable.

4. No hypocrisy whatsoever!

Her decision or thoughts are not limited to the privileged people, for her everyone deserves a proper education. Be it a rich person or even her servant, she never shies away from encouraging or helping them in any way. This is a very rare quality that people seldom have, and that’s exactly why Vagdevi stands at a step above all. She not only helps people but does it with no regards of caste, creed, economic status. Her heart sees no difference, for her people are one.

In a show which talks about women empowerment and equality, a character like Vagdevi is a must. Her sense of judgement and her drive to help others is a truly unique quality. While we may not be able to be as amazing as her, we can take the first step towards being a true supporter of equality.

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