No 1 Kodalu 20 July 2020 Written Update: Shambhavi Slaps A Journalist

Sneha Bale

July 20, 2020


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In the latest episode of the Telugu serial No. 1 Kodalu, Sarsu (Madhumitha) takes blessing from the god and goes home. A news reporter waits for Shambhavi, outside her house. She answers his questions about her business and success. The reporter tries to demean Shambhavi and her elder sister, Vagdevi (Sudha Chandran), with his questions. He asks for a reason behind the IT raid at Vagdevi’s house and asks if she was involved in illegal activity.

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Shambhavi loses her calm and asks the camera operator to turn the camera off. She slaps the journalist and tells him to be mindful of his words. Just then, Shambhavi’s assistant hands over the phone to her. The person on the other line informs Shambhavi that Arunbabu’s critical condition. Peddayyaiah regains consciousness and asks Sarsu (Madhumitha) and Rahul (Jai Dhanush) to stand next to each other. He blesses them.

Peddayyaiah asks Gumasta garu to arrange for all the activities that need to take place, post the wedding. Sarsu tells him to take some rest and avoid talking too much. Rahul gets a call from Teja, who informs him that Arunbabu needs to undergo an important surgery. Rahul assures that everything will be alright and gets ready to go to the hospital. Sarsu tries to apply some vermillion, but Rahul asks her to stay away from him.

In the next episode, Sarsu goes to Arunbabu’s hospital room and applies vermillion on his forehead. She wonders how to make him drink the teertham, without disturbing the ventilator. She decides to remove it quickly, but Shambhavi walks in and stops her.

Sarsu and Arunbabu in No 1 Kodalu
Sarsu takes teertham for Arunbabu in No 1 Kodalu (Source: ZEE5)

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