No 1 Kodalu 16 July 2020 Written Update: Peddayyaiah Orders Madhu To Bring Sarsu And Rahul

Sneha Bale

July 16, 2020


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Earlier in the Telugu serial No. 1 Kodalu, Rahul (Jai Dhanush) listens to Giri’s plan of killing Sarsu (Madhumitha) after transferring the property on his name. He goes to confront him but gets hit by a rod. Rahul manages to escape from Giri’s house but starts feeling weak in the middle of a field. Sarsu, who was completing her pradakshinas in a temple, reaches to the field and saves Rahul from Giri.

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In today’s episode, Sarsu (Madhumitha) tries to keep Rahul (Jai Dhanush) conscious and ties a cloth around his head. Giri’s father sees it and calls Giri to ask if they should run away to save themselves. But Giri sketches another plan and asks his fake-father to follow. People start coming into the wedding hall and the rituals begin. Peddayyaiah takes a seat in the hall and the priest asks Sundaram to bring in the groom. Giri starts following the priests’ instructions.

The priest, then, asks them to bring in Sarsu. Nagamani finds out from a bunch of women that Sarsu was nowhere to be seen. Then  Giri’s father makes an entry. He announces that Sarsu was seen eloping with another man. Another villager comes in to defend this claim and says Rahul and Sarsu were seen in the fields. Giri accuses Sarsu of being a characterless woman and Peddayyaiah slaps him.

Sarsu and Rahul in No 1 Kodalu
Sarsu helps Rahul in No 1 Kodalu (Source: ZEE5)

Giri’s fake parents try to make hue and cry about the situation. They slander Sundaram and others for baseless reasons and Peddayyaiah asks everyone to shut up. He claims that everything in his village must run as per his decision. Peddayyaiah orders Madhu to bring Rahul and Sarsu back. Sarsu wakes up, curled next to Rahul and wakes him up too. She finds out Giri’s plan from Rahul and thanks him for saving her.

A few people, including Madhu, find Sarsu. They express their disbelief on seeing Sarsu with Rahul and tell her that they did not expect her to elope. Sarsu explains her situation but they stop her. An elder man asks Sarsu to save her explanation for Peddayyaiah, who is waiting for them to return.

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