Ninne Pelladatha: Will Sarayu Find Sampangi And Take Her Revenge?

Sneha Bale

August 21, 2019


3 min

It takes one moment of rebellion against Sarayu (played by Sarayu Roy) to make her feel weak and powerless. In the Telugu TV show Ninne Pelladatha, she has been the one who has taken the baton of fights and spewed hatred. Now that she has the upper hand over her family members and cousins, Sarayu has been in search of something new to do. But who knew that her favourite enemy would come back to her with a new name? Yes, Sarayu stumbled upon Mrudula (played by Madhubala) who has been disguised as Sampangi, of late. All it took was Sampangi telling Sarayu to stay away. Since then, Sarayu has been lurking around, in search of her, like an evil eye.

Previously, Sarayu’s goons confirmed the news that Sampangi has set foot in the city. This gave her a new hobby and a new ambition to look forward to. And so, Sarayu began her hunt. What came as a sweet surprise to us was the way Sampangi tackled Sarayu in the city. She was the same ‘rosham‘ (aggressive) and had the same subtle warning. She truly stood out. But Sarayu isn’t someone who takes a warning and steps back. No! She will take two steps ahead, a leap, and jump on her prey. From looking around the streets to running around the temple, Sarayu finally found Sampangi… in Brahmini’s house.

Everyone in Ninne Pelladatha
A scene from Ninne Pelladatha (Source: ZEE5)

Given Sarayu’s previous records, she will not sit down and complain. But she got up from the dinner table to walk up to Sampangi, looked at her in the eye and dragged her out. This time, Sarayu isn’t targeting Mrudula — who Brahmini hates, but Sampangi – who has won Brahmini’s heart. Will she still watch the action unfold as Sarayu puts Sampangi through hell? We totally believe that will not be the case. Because Brahmini has calmed down and Sampangi has done no wrong so far.

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Whose team are you on? For more drama, check out Kalyana Vaibhogam on ZEE5.

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