Ningi From ZEE5’s Kamali Teaches Us What Being A Best Friend Is All About


April 20, 2020

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Friendship is of utmost importance for one’s mental and emotional well-being. With a solid support system in place, one can meet just about any challenge that life may throw at you. Life is always better when you share it with people who truly understand you, just the way Ningi understands Kamali.

The two have been friends since childhood and so they know each other inside out. While Kamali grew up with a single mother, it was Ningi who has not only been her best friend but has also plated the role of a sister-figure for her. The two study, play kabaddi and even go to college together. Ningi might come across as immature to a certain extent. Nevertheless, she has always shown her loyalty to Kamali. The fact that she knows her in and out is evident when Rishi is in search of Kamali. Ningi tells Rishi that she must have gone to expose the girl who tried to tarnish Rohit’s reputation. She also says that Kamali always feels the need to protect the people around her.

Kamali and Ningi
Source: ZEE5

Kamali, too, is always there to support Ningi. When Anika tries to insult Ningi, Kamali stands up for her. However, Kamali doesn’t pay heed to Anika when it comes to herself. That is when Ningi does everything to protect Kamali. In terms of encouragement, Ningi encourages Kamali to make her own decisions and stand up for herself. When she is offered the captaincy of the kabaddi team, it is Ningi who tells her to take every opportunity that comes her way.

She also expresses her happiness when she discovers that Kamali and Rishi have fallen in love and congratulates her for the same.

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