Nikka Zaildar 2: These Dialogues By Roop Kaur Aka Sonam Bajwa Will Melt Your Heart


June 30, 2020


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Roop’s Pre-Wedding Doubts


Nikka Zaildar 2 is a film that can entertain every member of your family. It is one of the best comedies of recent times. Another fact that makes this movie interesting is the performance of the artists. If Ammy Virk as Nikka is funny and goofy, then Sonam Bajwa as Roop Kaur is endearing and charming. Here are some dialogues of Roop in the Punjabi film that touched our heart.

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Roop is all set to marry Saawan Kaur’s (Wamiqa Gabbi) brother, but she has some doubts related to the wedding night. When Nikka comes to Roop’s room, she gathers her courage and asks him, “Pheli raat eko bhande vich doodh pina honda?” When Nikka says yes, she further adds, “Hai! Main ta jhoota peendi nahi, mainu ta ulti aa jau”. This assures you that Roop is extremely innocent.

Roop’s Honest Confession To Nikka


In an interesting twist, Roop and Nikka get married. On their wedding night, Nikka enters the room and Roop pretends to be shy but then she tells Nikka, “Bhabhi kehdi si sangi… je naa sangi… te tu galat samjhega. Par mainu tere kolo sangi nahi aaundi”. Nikka offers her the glass of milk and tells her to drink first as she doesn’t want to share her glass with anyone. Roop takes Nikka’s hand to her forehead and says, “Mainu jis di marzi sau lage… mere kisi vi munde naal koi gaal baat nahi si”. This makes you feel for Roop.

Roop’s Reaction To Nikka’s Confrontation


Finally, Nikka confesses his feelings for Saawan to Roop. He tells her that he still loves Saawan. Roop hears Nikka out with a straight face when he says that he wants to settle down with Saawan. Roop respects and accepts Nikka’s feelings and she says, “Tu meri izzat layi inna kuch kita… main tere liye inna te kar hi sakdi ha.”  You feel like crying for poor Roop.

Roop’s Bravery While Facing Beeji


Roop is ready to get Nikka married to Saawan, but Nikka fears his beeji (Nirmal Rishi). Roop confronts beeji and tells her she’s incapable of giving her a grandchild. She requests beeji to allow Nikka to get re-married. Beeji refuses straightaway and says that they will consult a doctor. But then Roop convinces beeji by saying, “Bebe aapa kyo ghar paatna…log sau gallan karange.”

Roop’s Praise For Her Sautan


Beeji is still not convinced and she’s surprised that Roop is actually helping with the wedding preparations. However, Roop tells her that her future daughter-in-law is very pretty. She says, “Bahut sohni hai bebe…main dekhi hai. Motiyaan-motiyaan ankhan, gori-chitti. Pata kinne sohne put jam ke deu tenu. Tu ahevi fikar kari jaani hai. ”

So these are the lines by Roop that make you fall in love with her. Let us know your views about her in the comment section below.

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