Neelambari Makes An Unsolicited Entry In The Ghattammaneni House Of Muddha Mandaram

Sneha Bale

October 16, 2019


3 min


There are many great heroes but there are only a few villains, who are so bad that they end up being too good. And one such villain, in the small-screen world, is Neelambari, of the Zee Telugu show Muddha Mandaram. Long and luscious jet black hair that falls down to her waist, big almond eyes that demand attention and express command, a smile that hides something wicked behind it, that is Neelambari. Five years ago, she shook us all with her sinfulness. But what she had begun probably did not end, even with two deaths.

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And maybe that is why Neelambari has stepped inside the Ghattammaneni house once again. For the newer members of the Muddha Mandaram army or the forgetful friends, here’s some flashback. Earlier, like most girls of age, Neelambari too dreamt of marrying Deva. But alas! His heart went out for Parvathi and they got married, against everyone else’s wishes. The news of this love marriage did not go down well with Neelambari. If you think Bhavani is the crazy one, let us tell you that Neelambari can send shivers down Bhavani’s spine too.

Ghattammaneni family in Muddha Mandaram
Ghattammaneni family in Muddha Mandaram

That gives a good idea of how simply evil she is, doesn’t it? A little over 25 years later, Neelambari comes back to the family that she left in ruins. Although we shouldn’t be saying this, we’re excited to see what the future holds for Abhi-Soundarya and the Ghattammaneni family. Because clearly, time hasn’t healed the venom inside Neelambari. And not only that, we have some exclusive hot tea for you!

Finally, we have learned that Neelambari is the person behind Deva and Parvathi’s car accident and death. She is the one who took away Abhi from the accident scene and admitted him into an orphanage. No! That still does not redeem her deeds. Because early on in Abhi’s life, Neelambari filled poison for the Ghattammaneni family within his heart. How she did it all is something that you have to wait for.

Let us know what are your thoughts on her return in the show. Stay tuned for more episodes and interesting stories on Muddha Mandaram. For more, check out iSmart Shankar on ZEE5.

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