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Sneha Bale

July 4, 2020


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A good love story can be an amazing pick me up on any given day. One of the main causes of this effect is because love stories give us hope and the belief that everything will be fine, in the end. The lockdown and unlock may have been difficult for you, but do not let it weigh you down anymore. We suggest, set up your comfy corner and start watching the 1982 love story Yuvaraju, an old Telugu film that is nothing of what you expect.

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Yuvaraju translates to ‘prince’ and is a 1982 romantic film, with a unique subtext of humour and drama. The film is lead by three superstars of their time, Akkineni Nageswar Rao garu, Jayasudha and Sujatha. Directed by Dasari Narayana Rao garu, the film is produced under ANR’s home banner, Annapurna Studio by Venkat Akkineni. Legendary SP Balasubramaniam and Susheela add two times melody to the film with the vocals under Chakravarthy garu’s music direction.

The Telugu film opens with Rajesh, a young brat with a vibrant personality. He has his father’s money, but no ambition. We then meet Dr Karuna, who crosses paths with Rajesh, and falls for him. But she keeps her feelings to herself due to his vagabond personality. Whilst Karuna’s love story goes unnoticed, Rajesh meets a girl named Aasha. The two fall in love and even decide to take things ahead. One day, they decide to get married and Rajesh asks for her parents’ address.

ANR and Jayasudha in Yuvaraju
ANR and Jayasudha in Yuvaraju (Source: ZEE5)

Aasha shows him a house, and Rajesh’s father goes with the proposal. The house happens to home Dr Karuna and her parents. Considering Karuna’s feeling for Rajesh, and the old friendship between the two families, they happily accept the proposal. On the day of the wedding, Rajesh sees Karuna walking down the aisle and not Aasha. He explains his story and sets out to find Aasha.

It turns out that Aasha is actually Jyothi, a girl who had forgotten everything. But her memories return and she finds no trace of being Aasha or being in love with Rajesh. Owing to these unfortunate events, Rajesh turns to alcohol and Karuna helps him stand back on his feet. Just when they decide to marry each other, Jyothi returns with the news of her being pregnant with Rajesh’s child. Now, what will they three youngsters do?

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