Naveena’s Character Stands Out In Vadacurry, Find Out How!

September 24, 2019


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The film Vadacurry that is now streaming on the ZEE5 platform is about the desires of the youth and about their yearning to have that piece of life which they think will give them a certain sense of glamour and pride. It speaks about the life of Satish, the protagonist, who belongs to a struggling family and who desires to own an expensive mobile because one of his friends, Vadacurry paints his mind with the notion that girls fall for men who have good mobile phones.

Watch the problems that mobile phone causes for Satish in the movie Vadacurry.

In the movie, we see that Satish’s character is played by Jai. While his love interest, Naveena, is played by actress Swathi Reddy. Apart from this, there are other actors like RJ Balaji and Aruldoss who maintain the element of comedy and drama in the movie. Now, the character of Naveena is not full-fledged, in the sense that Naveena is not a character whom you get to see in all its glory, where you can relate with the ups and downs of the character.

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But in the limited role that Naveena gets to display onscreen, we see the jovial girl who likes to live in the small framework of the world that she has built around it. Swathi who is a talented actress manages to bring up that little details in  Naveena’s character. Naveena is presented as a regular girl who has small wishes. But having said this she is not a typical girl who falls for the usual gimmicks that boys adopt.

In fact, she is a person who knows the value of relationships and has a sense of true love and emotions. We see this evidently in the scene where Satish talks about his incorrect belief as to how he thought that she likes him because of his iPhone. In fact, she makes Satish realise that for her love is more important than any material object. Thus, she is not a girl who undermines the relationship and just believes in creating issues.

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