National Doctors’ Day: 5 Times Doctor Don Showed Us How Difficult A Doctor’s Life Is

Ankita Tiwari

July 1, 2020


1 min

1. Doctors work overtime

Every year on 1st July, the birth anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy (Social activist and second Chief Minister of West Bengal) is celebrated as the National Doctors’ Day. Just like Dr. Roy, the medical profession is considered to be one of the noblest professions all around the world. They treat patients and help them recover, they also save lives and create veritable miracles. Just like these doctors, Deva from Doctor Don is a natural at the profession of treating patients and helping them recover from their ailments, but with his own unique version of treatment!

Most of the time, doctors have to work overtime. They endure long shifts and power through operations of 20+ hours. This Doctors’ Day, let us have a look through Deva’s perspective at how difficult life for doctors is. Deva and his friends are interning and learning medical practices. They are also asked to work over 10 hours or more even when they are just interns!

1. Doctors Never Worry About Their Own Health

Doctors never worry about their own health. Just like Deva, they jump into any required role without thinking if it might affect badly. Doctors don’t even have enough time to look after themselves. Especially in situations like the current pandemic, doctors have to sleep at the hospitals so that they can treat the increasing numbers of patients. On the show, we saw how even interns like Kabir and Deva have to work with the surgeons for long hours.

2. Doctors Are Selfless

Doctors are selfless and do not expect anything in return. For saving lives and bringing back patients from the brink of death, doctors deserve much more than their regular salaries or fees. But their expectations are much lower than what they deserve for working so selflessly. On the show, we have seen how Deva and his friends treat the patients without much ado about anything. Deva and his special technique of helping patients without using pharmaceutical products have helped so many patients on the show!

3. Doctors Prioritise Their Patients

Doctors often give up time with their families to take care of their patients. Their priorities are changed accordingly and they often end up treating their patients over some quality family time. The doctors on the show like Radha are often seen staying long hours at the hospital instead of going home. She hangs around the hostel and campus just in case any help is needed.

4. Doctors Suffer The Most

Doctors suffer a lot. When we witness an accident or a death, we go through a trauma that lasts about days or months. Imagine that the doctors are close to such incidents every day. Moreover, they also have the guilt of something going wrong. Their personal lives suffer due to this as well. Dr Monica and her past plays a huge role in making her what she is today. The doctor has become a respectable dean, but why did she give up on surgeries? Watch the serial to find out!

Doctors should be respected for their selfless service to humanity! What do you think? Comment below!

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