Nakshi Kantha: 6 Moments From the 27 November, 2019 Episode That Will Set Future Course

Promita Mukherjee

November 27, 2019


1 min

1. Swapnadip sees Shabnam

What with Jash (played by Suman Dey) opening up to marrying Rohini and Debdeep proposing marriage to Aparajita aka Shabnam (played by Manali Dey), things are moving fast in the latest Bengali TV serial Nakshi Kantha. In the episode aired on November 27, 2019, there are six highlights that we think you should focus on. In case you have missed the episode, watch it here.

Swapnadip happens to walk into the same restaurant where Shabnam is sitting with Debdeep. He is surprised and shocked to see Shabnam alive. He is also afraid that Jash and Rohini, who he has called to that same restaurant to discuss their wedding plans, might walk in and see Shabnam. Swapnadip wonders what Shabnam is doing with the man who is sitting with her.

2. Debdeep expresses his feelings

Over a cup of coffee, Shabnam tells him that he has a good heart, works abroad and earns a lot so he is spending. Debdeep asks her whether she thinks these are the only reasons. Debdeep opens his heart out. He tells Shabnam aka Aparajita that he loves spending his money on her, especially things that make her happy or improves her health. He apologises for his parents’ behaviour and tells her that he has placed her in his heart.

3. Debdeep is convinced Shabnam is a doctor

Shabnam notices that Debdeep has fever and tells him that he should take a medicine. Debdeep is sceptic about Indian medicines. Shabnam insists on writing him a prescription. Seeing the prescription, Debdeep is convinced that Shabnam is a doctor or was somehow associated with the medical profession.

4. Flashes of memory

Shabnam keeps getting flashbacks. When Debdeep asks her what she wants to eat, she tells him that she always has toast and omelette. But Shabnam has no clue why she said that and where she used to eat these.

5. Debdeep confronts Swapnadip

When Swapnadip tries to click a photo of Debdeep and Shabnam, he gets spotted. Debdeep calls out to him. Swapnadip is certain that Shabnam has lost her memory because she does not seem to recognise her. Swapnadip tries to manage the situation by saying that he is a documentary filmmaker doing pre-production on Kolkata’s restaurants.

6. Shabnam gets a premonition

Even though Shabnam doesn’t recognise Swapnadip, her sixth sense tells her that something is wrong. She tells Debdeep that the man’s touch gave her a feeling that she knows him and that he is an enemy. We have seen how Shabnam’s premonitions have worked before. She had similar uncanny feelings before she was drowned.

Things are moving really fast in Nakshi Kantha. Do you think Jash and Shabnam will come face to face soon? Let us know in the comments section below. For more entertainment, watch Bokul Kotha on ZEE5.

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