Nakshatra Challenges Vasundhara About Vamsi And Succeeds! What Happens Next?

After much desperation, Nakshatra manages to keep Vamsi away from Vasundhara by challenging him to a game of cards. But will she succeed for long?

Sneha Bale

May 17, 2019


3 min


What’s Nakshatra’s dream in the Telugu serial Maate Mantramu? It is to become the daughter-in-law of the Kakarla family. And for that, she has been willing to do whatever it takes. After the incident on the day of her engagement with Vamsi, Nakshatra has been more careful about letting Vasundhara get close to Vamsi. Recently, she challenged Vasundhara about taking Vamsi back from her. And here’s what she tries to do next:

We see Nakshatra enter the kitchen with the sole purpose of annoying Vasundhara. She sees Vasundhara boiling milk while already having kept a glass of juice and a bottle of water ready to be taken for Vamsi. Unnecessarily, Nakshatra pokes her with silly questions such as what she is doing and why. But her tactics fail when Vasundhara replies, saying: “If you can see why do you have to ask again?” Irritated by Vasundhara’s guts, Nakshatra storms out of the kitchen.

However, Nakshatra is hell bent on defeating Vasundhara at something… or anything that she can possibly do. She decides that the best way to win over her is to keep Vamsi engaged in some or the other activity, along with her. She goes to Vamsi’s room and asks him to play a game of cards. When he refuses to play, Nakshatra claims that he is refusing to play because he is afraid of losing to her. This irks Vamsi and they start playing. When Vasundhara approaches him with the milk, juice and water bottle, Vamsi tells her to go away and not disturb.

Maate Mantramu still with Nakshatra Vamsi Vasundhara
Nakshatra, Vamsi and Vasundhara in a scene from Maate Mantramu (Source: ZEE5)

After innumerable attempts, Nakshatra succeeds in defeating Vasundhara, for once. Vasundhara reinforces that she is stubborn and isn’t the kind of a person to lose. How will she possibly show Nakshatra her place? We’re sure that just like every time, Vasundhara will give Nakshatra a better and crisper answer.

Until we get to see what Vasundhara’s next move is, watch the hilarious Brother of Bommalli featuring Allari Naresh and Kartika Nair on ZEE5.

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