Nachiyarpuram: Will Karthik Muster Courage To Propose To Jyothi?

August 16, 2019


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Dear fans of Dinesh and Rachitha starrer Nachiyarpuram, here’s something exciting for you. The makers of the show have shared a new promo that suggests Kartik may take the initiative to propose to his ladylove. It’s been a while Karthik has realised he loves Jyothi, but will he muster the courage to profess his love to her? You will see him making up his mind, but there’s a twist. To know what it is, check out the promo shared below.

Will Karthik propose to Jyothi and will she accept it? To know what happens, keep watching Nachiyarpuram.
For the unversed, Nachiyarpuram is Dinesh’s debut production venture. He romances his real-life wife, Rachitha in this action-romantic drama. Interestingly, Nachiyarpuram marks the first on-screen union of the real-life couple. The show has garnered rave reviews since its launch in July this year.

A week ago, Rachitha shared a pic on Instagram stating that fans can look forward to new twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.

Now, to know what these twists and turns are, you need to follow the show religiously. And for those who joined in late, here’s a synopsis — Karthik and Jyothi hail from families that have been arch-rivals for decades. The two families can’t see to eye and have been at loggerheads over a piece of property.

Karthik runs a sweet shop while Jyothi is an advocate. How things folds after the two come in contact with each other, forms the crux of the story. Will Karthik’s love for Jyothi end the enmity or will it flare things up? Will Jyothi and Karthi unite to put an end to the decades-old dispute and bring the two warring families closer to each other?
Tune into this space for updates on the show and for more entertainment, watch Rettai Roja, a story that showcases sibling rivalry.

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