Naagini Weekly Recap Of 22-28 August 2019: Urmila Plans To Take Arjun To Apsara Loka

Parinika Uchil

August 29, 2019

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Previously on Naagini, Amrutha who is held captive is released a day before Nagarapanchami, thanks to the Nagaraj’s help. She then leaves the ant-hill slithering out like a snake and goes to Vaishnavi’s home, much to their relief. Elsewhere, when Hema and her mother-in-law are making preparations for the pooja tomorrow, Vishnu makes it clear to them that since Arjun is a Nagayodha, he cannot be taken for the pooja. Elsewhere Dakshyani finds out about Amrutha’s true nature as they are doing the Nagarapanchami pooja.

Amrutha soon tries to take Arjun with her to Nagalok but due to Urmila’s magic, the latter betrays the former. Later, Bhairavi Baba and Urmila unite against a common enemy, aka Amrutha. Despite many attempts from Amrutha, everything tries to do fix things goes against. In the process, Vishnu and Rudra attack and maim Dakshayani too. Let’s take a look at what happened since then…

1. In an attempt to save Dakshayani when Amrutha leaves the sacred circle, Rudra and Vishnu capture her

A Still Of Vishnu, Rudra, Dakshayani And Amrutha
Source: ZEE5

2. Elsewhere, Urmila is impressed by Bhairava’s talents after learning that Amrutha is captured

A Smiling Still Of Urmila
Source: ZEE5

3. She, however, gets upset to learn that Arjun is planning to go and save Amrutha from harm

A Still Of Arjun And Urmila
Source: ZEE5

4. Amrutha is soon brought in front of Bhairavi and is tied with some magical talisman

A Still From The Show Naagini
Source: ZEE5

5. As she is screaming in pain, the mystical chakra she had used before comes to save her

A Still Of The Mystical Chakra
Source: ZEE5

6. As she is sending her last prayers to God, the Chakra prevents Bhairavi from killing Naagini

A Still From Naagini
Source: ZEE5

7. Instead, it drives Bhairava, Vishnu and Rudra out of there

A Worried Still Of Vishnu And Rudra
Source: ZEE5

8. Thanking the divine powers from above, Amrutha asks the Chakra to punish those who have wronged her and transforms into a snake to follow them

A Praying Still Of Amrutha
Source: ZEE5

9. At Arjun’s home later, Vishnu and Rudra tell Mani that if the former isn’t interested in marriage can’t force him

A Still Of Arjun's Family With Mani Aka Urmila
Source: ZEE5

10. Mani aka Urmila retaliated and blames Arjun for bringing her home in the first place if he didn’t want to marry her

When Mani Retaliates To The Fact That Arjun Is Disowning Her Now
Source: ZEE5

11. With her powers, she captures Arjun’s heart once again and makes him blame all that he said on his mother

Arjun Blames Everything On Hema
Source: ZEE5

12. Vishnu slaps Hema and warns her never to interfere in Arjun’s love life again

An Irate Still Of Vishnu
Source: ZEE5

13. As Arjun takes Urmila for an outing the next day, Bhairava stops them in their tracks

Bhairava Stops Urmila And Arjun's Little Romantic Trip
Source: ZEE5

14. When Bhairava discloses Urmila’s identity, she snaps back at him he can’t do anything to her

Bhairava Reveals Urmila's True Nature But She Doesn't Budge
Source: ZEE5

15. Bhairava and Urmila then have a fight with their magical powers and try to harm one another

A Still Of Bhairava, Arjun And Urmila
Source: ZEE5

16. The next day, Amrutha remembers Dakshayani’s words as to how to fix her wedding and stands as a beggar near a temple as instructed

Amrutha Stands As Beggar On The Side Of The Road
Source: ZEE5

17. She doesn’t find any luck but keeps begging for alms on the side of the road

A Still Of Amrutha Begging For Alms And Failing
Source: ZEE5

18. Taking God’s name Amrutha continues to beg with a new zeal and succeeds in getting help

When Amrutha Is Successful In Her Begging Stint
Source: ZEE5

19. Elsewhere, Urmila makes the perfect plan to abduct Arjun and take him to the Apsara Loka, where she is from

Urmila Plans To Use Her Magic To Take Arjun To Apsara Loka
Source: ZEE5

Will Urmila be successful? Or will Amrutha be able to save her? To find out, stay tuned to the next week’s update.

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