Naagini 2 Weekly Update 30 March-03 April 2020: Shivani Seeks Trishul’s Help

Shivani asks Trishul to help her find the man of her dreams and he is taken aback.


April 7, 2020

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In the previous episode of Naagini 2, Shivani who has taken the form of a snake finds herself in a fix when Reema comes to call her. She prays that she doesn’t get caught in the snake form. Trishul, on the other hand, decides to go to Trivikrama’s house where Shivani is trapped. When Trishul enters the house, Shivani is able to fight the evil powers and free herself. This is possible because Adisesha who has taken the form of Trishul enters the house.

This week, Neeli and Shivani share an emotional moment. Shivani apologises to her saying that she should not have gone into Digvijay’s house. Neeli also tells her that because of her stubbiness, the entire naagaloka was in danger and many snakes would have lost their life.

Neeli talks to Shivani
Neeli talks to Shivani

Shivani calls Trishul and talks to him. They have an emotional moment when he asks her why she loves him so much. She tells him that she does not intend on playing with his feelings and truly loves him. Trishul tries to understand this situation better.

Shivani talks to Trishul
Shivani talks to Trishul

Later, Trishul has a conversation with his mother and makes fun of her from time to time. She tells him that instead of feeling regret for his behaviour, he is making a joke out of it. His mother gets irritated with his behaviour. Nevertheless, Trishul starts to sing about how one must be happy and starts dancing with his mother.

A fun moment
A fun moment

The next day, Trishul’s father asks his wife if she needs any money. She replies saying that Trivikrama’s family takes care of everything as a result of which their own family has no expenses. She also mentions the fact that they should take up their own expenses so as to maintain a reputation.

Trishul's parents talk to each other
Trishul’s parents talk to each other

A few days later, Trishul lands up at Shivani’s house. While she still hasn’t realised that Adisesha has taken the form of Trishul, the latter decides to leave that house before the guards catch him.

Trishul lands up at Shivani's house
Trishul lands up at Shivani’s house

Shivani, however, stops him from leaving and asks him his name. Trishul doesn’t reveal his name and tells her that she can name him whatever she wants. She also asks him to meet him the next morning. Trishul gets excited.

Shivani stops Trishul from leaving
Shivani stops Trishul from leaving

Trishul reaches Shivani’s house the next morning. When Neeli and the others question him about the same, he says that he was invited by Shivani and cannot be thrown out of the house like the previous time. Later, Shivani asks Trishul to help her find the man that she in love with as she is unable to find him. Trishul is taken aback.

Shivani asks Trishul for his help
Shivani asks Trishul for his help

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