Naagini 2 Weekly Update 23-27 March 2020: Shivani Gets Trapped As A Snake


March 30, 2020

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In the previous episode of Naagini 2, Shivani tells Nili that Adisesha had taken the form of Trishul and while he was so close to her, she failed to recognise him. Later that day, Shivani’s friends get his number. She calls him and asks him to meet her at Lover’s Park that evening. While she doesn’t reveal who she is, she tells him that he will have to find her when he comes to the park.

In this week’s episode, Digvijay tells Reema to call Shivani who has been invited for the ritual that has to be performed. He also asks the house help to call Trivikrama who was previously told not to leave the house.

Digvijay calls for Shivani
Digvijay calls for Shivani

At home, Trishul and his mother are having a conversation about how they must stand by each other. His mother says that even if they’re always fighting at home when something bad happens, they must always support one another. She also tells him to empathise with his family members and try to understand their pain as a family.

Trishul's mother talks to him
Trishul’s mother talks to him

Meanwhile, Shivani who has taken the form of a snake finds herself in a fix when Reema comes to call her. She prays that she doesn’t get caught in the form of a snake. At the same time, Trishul calls Shivani and tries to get in touch with her. Reema, however, comes into the room in search of Shivani and waits for her.

Shivani is trapped
Shivani is trapped

Trishul repeatedly calls Shivani who cannot pick up his call as she is in the form of a snake. Just then, the Guruji comes to tell Digvijay that a snake has entered the house. Digvijay gets anxious when he hears the same but, nevertheless, takes the Guruji to inspect the house.

Trishul tries to get in touch with Shivani
Trishul tries to get in touch with Shivani

Elsewhere, Naagamatha is worried about Shivani who is stuck in the form of a snake. Later that day, the Guruji begins to perform the rituals, whereas Naagamatha performs counter rituals for Shivani to survive. As she is praying, she faints.

Naagamatha prays for Shivani's safety
Naagamatha prays for Shivani’s safety

Trishul decides to go to Trivikrama’s house where Shivani is trapped. When Trishul enters the house, Shivani is able to fight the evil powers and free herself. This is possible because Adisesha who has taken the form of Trishul enters the house.

Trishul decides to go to Digvijay's house
Trishul decides to go to Digvijay’s house

Shivani, still clueless about who Trishul is, wonders what kind of power it was that saved her life.

Shivani is curious
Shivani is curious

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