N.E.R.D. REVIEW: This ZEE5 Original Murder Mystery Is Not For The Weak-Hearted

A crime thriller that truly explores what we refer to as ‘dark content’. tThis show is not for the faint-hearted people. Read the full review here.

Sneha Bale

July 9, 2019


5 min


Director Deva Ganesh brings his spectacle titled N.E.R.D., an acronym for Neither Either Really Dead to ZEE5. Seasoned cinematographer Sai Srinivas Gadiraju and fresh actors like Hasvanth Vanga, Arjun Ambati, Naveen Abhi, Nikita Bisht, Ranjana Singh. Nishat Raza, Namrata Darekar and Gehana Vasishth will keep you hooked to the screen. This series is a murder mystery that pans out in seven episodes of 30 minutes each. If you have been waiting for a story that tells you what you want and still manages to bring in unexpected twists, ZEE5 Original N.E.R.D. is what you need to watch.

The title of this series suggests that someone is either dead or someone was never dead. Between these two lines is where the story lies. We meet a young and lonely IT professional, Hasvanth, who lives a routine life. From yoga classes in the morning to midnight meals packed at the curry point, everything  for him has a fixed time and place. He seems to be doing well for himself. But when he comes back home and calls it a day is when the loneliness kicks in and the desire to have a family of his own begins. One day everything changes. Not just or two, Hasvanth interacts with six different women, coincidentally. The first conversation becomes everyday banter and eventually, he becomes great friends and more with the six girls.

Hashvanth In ZEE5 Original NERD
Hasvanth in the ZEE5 Original N.E.R.D. (Source: ZEE5)

It all goes wrong when Hasvanth realises that one after the other, the girls are going missing. Right after the first girl goes missing, cops are brought in and soon they find out the common point for them all is Hashvanth. When tortured by the cops, he reveals how his physical intimacy with the girls lead to deaths and to save himself he hid them all at the same place. If you think this is where the story ends, you are mistaken, my friend. Because it’s just here where the real story begins. The girls? Missing. Reason mentioned? Death. Their corpses? Missing. Truth? Unknown.

Arjun Ambati In ZEE5 Original NERD
Arjun Ambati in the ZEE5 Original N.E.R.D. (Source: ZEE5)

Cinematographer Gadiraju uses his years of experience and polished skills to bring out the darkness in the characters in the most subtle ways possible. Especially during the climax and the pre-climax scenes, the cinematography gets really exciting. The colours on the screen do most of the talking. The story may seem predictable, but it’s worth the wait. The revelations made towards the end of the show successfully surprise you each time with the same effect. Answers to our questions like why are these girls missing? Did they die? What happened to them? They are all answered in time. However, we hoped to know the motives behind it all, too.

Namrata Darekar And Hasvanth In ZEE5 Original NERD
Namrata Darekar and Hasvanth in ZEE5 Original N.E.R.D. (Source: ZEE5)

The women are a bunch of fresh faces and make a splash on the screen each time they appear. We need to specially mentions Namrata Darekar who really shines through her role. Arjun Ambati as the cop is a character that you end up rooting for, although he is neither the lead nor the protagonist. The man of the show, Hasvanth, is a joy to watch on the screen. However, a beardless Hasvanth as the teenage version of himself is a lot more convincing. The story keeps you hooked because the supporting characters play their parts to the best of their abilities.

If you have done your bit by watching N.E.R.D., check out ZEE5 Original film Ala a well.

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