Munch On An Exciting Dish This Weekend That You Can Make In Less Than 5 Minutes


February 15, 2020

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The weekend is here! And what better than to sit in your balcony and eat some tasty pakoda and chaat! Well, if you’re thinking where to get it from or what to eat, then we already have it all set for you. Here are two snack items that will not take much time but are also delicious. And we assure you, if you don’t know how to cook, that’s completely fine! These are two items you can surely make, in no time.

Kalmi Wada Chaat

To make kalmi wada, soak channa dal, moongdal, dhaniya, black pepper, asafetida, jeera, green chillies and ginger. Put them in a mixie and blend them all together. Now take it all out and put it in a bowl. Now, your kalmi wada mixture is ready. Cut pineapple and sweet potato into small pieces. For the masala, take lime juice, chaat masala, red chilli powder, black salt, some green chillies and a bit of oil. Mix them together and marinate the sweet potato and pineapple with the same. Put the wada into the oven along with pineapple and sweet potato at 225 degrees for around 12 minutes.  Meanwhile, cut some onion, boiled potato, pomegranate seeds and channa and crush them together. Cut raw mango, tomato and potato chips and mix it along with salt and green chillies, then mix them all together. Add this mix in between the wadas. Your weekend dish is ready.

Crispy Paneer-Capsicum Pakode

Cut paneer and capsicum into small pieces. Add some pudina chutney on the paneer and sandwich it between capsicum. Leave it aside. To make the batter, take corn starch, baking soda, salt, turmeric, red chilli powder, green chilli powder, lime juice and a little oil and mix them all. Add water to that and mix weel again. Now, heat up some oil in which the paneer will be fried. Once the oil is hot, put the paneer that is sandwiched between capsicum and fry it in oil. To make the masala, mix chaat masala and red chilli powder and drizzle the pakodas with the masala.

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