Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 Gives A Hillarious Spin To Typical Indian Weddings

You might love it or hate it but you can’t escape the drama that comes with Indian weddings. Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve’s film captures it well.

Manjiri Shete

March 29, 2019


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Much unlike our beauty routine, falling in love is unfussy and straight to the point. The fussy part begins when you decide to get hooked. This topsy-turviness before the wedding is captured in Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 on ZEE5 when the main characters fall deeply  in love with each other. Gautam, a true Punekar, is getting married to Gauri hailing from Mumbai. Coming from different cities with contradictory mentalities is hard, especially when each family wants to see Gautam and Gauri’s marriage their way.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on all the fun of Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2

If you want to know what beautiful chaos really looks like, then, proceed with caution!

1. Wedding

A still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai.
A still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai.

Being always on the move, Mumbaikars are hellbent on having a quick wedding. Meanwhile, Gautam’s family wants to have a four-day wedding. Amidst this, the bride and groom’s opinion is gone for a toss!

2. Budget 

A still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2.
A still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2.

A four-day wedding is going to cost more than those (fake) smiles you flash for the camera. Punekars want to go all out on the BIG DAY. On the other hand, Gauri’s family wants to keep a modest budget.

3. Music

A still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2.
A still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2.

No Puneri wedding is complete without a traditional dhol tasha.  On the other hand, Mumbaikars can’t live without the DJ spinning Punjabi and Bollywood tunes.

4. Food  

A still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2.
A still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2.

Staying true the culture, Pune folks are adamant on having traditional Maharashtrian fare comprising of  masale bhat, tomato curry, bharli vangi and masoor bhaji for the wedding.  We caught Gauri’s family wondering, “Why can’t we see Chinese on the menu?”  EEEEEP!

Have you too gone through these emotions? Do let us know in the comments below!

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