Muddha Mandaram 28 August 2019 EPISODE SPOILER: Soundarya And Abhi Tie The Knot

Sneha Bale

August 28, 2019


3 min


Deva and Parvathi, from the popular Telugu TV show Muddha Mandaram, have become a favourite memory. They are now etched in the hearts of many as an iconic couple of their times. When we first met Abhi and Soundarya (played by Pavan Sae and Thanuja Gowda, respectively), their reincarnations, we wondered if they would live up the same standards. Unsure of that, we eventually became certain about one thing though — Abhi and Soundarya were born with the same fate. Just like Deva and Parvathi, the newbies had a long, long struggle ahead of them in order to be together.

Take a look at the spoiler from the upcoming episode here:

In the spoiler for the episode airing on August 28, 2019, we see that the couples are present in a temple. Abhi, Soundarya, Chandrika and Surya are in the temple preparing for a wedding. Surya is seen distributing sweets to the women in the temple. Abhi takes the mangalsutra and ties it around Soundarya’s neck. She is visibly happy and has a glow on her face. Chandrika holds Soundarya’s plaits apart to allow better access to Abhi. Unlike Soundarya, Abhi smiles with a hint of stress and guilt.

A still in Muddha Mandaram
A still from Muddha Mandaram (Source: ZEE5)

Later, Soundarya holds her mangalsutra and touches it to her eyes as a gesture of respect for the husband. But did we see Krish’s mother, Aishwarya in the crowds? It seems that we will have to wait and watch. More importantly, earlier, Soundarya held herself back from telling Akhilandeswari (played by Haritha) about Abhi. Although she taunts her parents, Soundarya thinks about them more than anyone else. Abhi, too, is killing himself from within because of the promise he made to Gani. In such a scenario, will Abhi and Soundarya secretly marry each other?

Stay tuned to find answers in the latest episodes and more interesting stories about Muddha Mandaram. Check out Ninne Pelladatha on ZEE5 next.

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