Muddha Mandaram 27 August 2019 Episode Spoiler: Bhavani-Chaitra Try To Kill Soundarya

Sneha Bale

August 27, 2019


2 min

In the Telugu TV show Muddha Mandaram, Parvathi (played by Thanuja Gowda) and Bhavani’s extreme rivalry is nothing new. Everyone in the house, and outside knew about the hatred and torture Bhavani put Parvathi through. Parvathi was docile and silent and so, she never tried to revolt. But her reincarnation, Soundarya is entirely different from Parvathi. She is strong, fierce, a rebel and does whatever it takes to be where she wants to be. Now that Soundarya and Bhavani have come down to the same grounds of rivalry, what does fate hold for them?

Watch the episode spoiler here:

In the spoiler for the episode airing on August 27, 2019, we see that Bhavani, Chaitra are in Soundarya’s room with her. Soundarya firmly asks Bhavani what she could possibly do to her. Bhavani brings out a letter that was written by Soundarya for Abhi (played by Pavan Sae). And she tells Soundarya that she will kill her and make it look like a suicide. Before Soundarya could react to this, Bhavani takes a step further towards her. She forces some sort of food into Soundarya’s mouth. Soundarya tries to resist but fails when Bhavani corners her.

Bhavani-Chaitra and Soundarya in Muddha Mandaram
Bhavani, Chaitra and Soundarya in Muddha Mandaram (Source: ZEE5)

In just a few moments, Soundarya throws out whatever she can. But it is too late already and Soundarya feels dizzy. She is unable to keep a firm step. That’s when Chaitra and Bhavani exchange a sly smile and watch the drama unfold. Soundarya tries to get help but the only two people around would be the last to help. Will Soundarya make it to another day? Or will Bhavani’s cruelty win for the second time? Just like she tortured Parvathi, will Bhavani win over Soundarya too?

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