Muddha Mandaram 17 July 2019 Preview: Abhi Becomes Soundarya’s Support System

Sneha Bale

July 17, 2019


3 min

Recently, the Meghoti family has been bearing the brunt of the misdeeds of others in the Telugu TV show Muddha Mandaram. The Ghattammaneni Ganga Bhavani has unleashed her inner devil once again after many years. After torturing Parvathi (played by Thanuja Gowda) in her youth, now Bhavani has made Soundarya and her family her new target. This time, just to ensure that they don’t come close to Akhilandeswari (played by Haritha), Bhavani has ruined their lives by ruining their reputation. First, she made a few women accuse Gani of sexual misconduct and then another woman accused Gani and Sarsu of theft. Akhilandeswari is hell-bent on finding Gani and knowing the real-side to the kind-hearted Soundarya. What lies ahead for each of them?

In the preview for the episode airing on July 17, 2019, we see Soundarya sitting in darkness, all alone in her house. Since Gani and Sarsu are locked up in the police station, the strong-willed Soundarya resorts to unending tears. That’s when Soundarya’s love Abhinandan (played by Pavan Sae) visits her. He brings along dinner for the broken girl. But she refuses to eat a morsel, the pain of thinking about her parents’ condition stops her from doing anything else. Abhi asks her to eat something at least so that she has the energy to fight the evil Bhavani and Chaitra. Soundarya still does not agree. Finally, Abhi tells her that he wouldn’t eat anything if she doesn’t. That’s when Soundarya agrees.

Abhi and Soundarya in Muddha Mandaram
Abhi and Soundarya in Muddha Mandaram (Source: ZEE5)

Abhi consoles Soundarya by telling her that she must stay strong and take care of herself first to make sure her parents get the justice they deserve. Since the law wasn’t coming to rescue Gani and Sarsu, Abhinandan suggests Soundarya seek help from her virtual friends. If this video goes viral and they all get justice, is something that we have to wait and watch. Will it all get better for the Meghotis anytime soon? Let us know below.

Stay tuned for more updates. Watch Maate Mantramu on ZEE5.

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