Mrs. Subbalakshmi Episode 2 Update: Subramaniam Is Shocked To Find His Wife’s Letter

Tom Francis

April 7, 2020


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Previously on Mrs Subbalakshmi, Subramaniam is confused when he finds his wife missing from the house. He also struggles with the daily chores of his house. Meanwhile, Subbalakshmi explains to the viewers about her workaholic husband and how he hasn’t noticed the letter she had left on the fridge.

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As Subramaniam prepares his children for school, the housemaid suspects that his wife ran away. Meanwhile, Subbalakshmi is seen in a temple complaining to god about her husband and how he has forgotten their wedding anniversary again.

In the second episode of Mrs Subbalakshmi, Subramaniam’s son finds the letter and hands it over to his father who is shocked to read about how his wife has left home for real. Subramaniam’s secretary is quick to spread the gossip in his office while he tries to find more about Subbalakshmi’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Subbalakshmi complains to God at the temple about her husband and is reminded of the time when Subramaniam made a promise to her. She also thinks about how he had asked her to pursue her dreams in the initial days but showed her his real side after a month of the marriage. Subbalakshmi takes an oath in the temple to focus on her happiness from now on and walks out.

Coming out of the temple, Subbalakshmi is irritated to find her two-wheeler punctured. She goes and buys an SUV from the car-showroom for herself. Subramaniam is shocked to find that his wife has bought a luxury car for herself using his credit card. What will Subramaniam’s reaction to Subbalakshmi’s actions be? Stay tuned to find out!

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