Mrs Mukhyamantri: Baban To Reveal Suresh’s Truth To Summi?

Will he succeed in doing so? Read the details inside to find out!

Rukmini Chopra

November 11, 2019


2 min


Currently on Zee Marathi’s Mrs Mukhyamantri, we saw Suresh finally visiting the doctor, on account of his illness. He comes to know the disease he is suffering from but because it is serious, he decides to keep it a secret from Summi and Samar. She tries to figure it out but Suresh snubs her and even orders Baban to not reveal anything to her. In the upcoming episode, we will see Summi calling up Baban to ask her about Suresh’s condition. He will finally start opening up to Summi and will reveal that Suresh isn’t doing too well.

Watch an episode from the show here.

Baban says that because his illness is a little serious, he and Suresh decided to keep it a secret from Summi and Samar. When Summi asks what the condition is, Baban is about to answer when Suresh cuts him off and asks him to keep the phone. Yet again, Summi will be kept in the dark about her father’s illness. How will she find out? Will someone else from her family inform her about it?

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