Mother’s Day Spl: 5 Reasons Why Guddan Is The Coolest Saas, These Videos Are Proof

Janhvi Sharma

May 6, 2020


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1. Stands For Her Family

Television actress Kanika Mann who is currently seen playing the role of Guddan in the popular ZEE TV show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega is a fashion diva in real life. The actress is essaying the role of the youngest mother-in-law in the show. The storyline of the show revolves around Guddan and her daughters-in-law. In the show, the makers showcase how Guddan being the youngest mother in law fulfils the responsibilities of a saas as well as of a bahu. Guddan is redefining saas goals and is creating a history of Hindi television. Nowadays, the females believe in ‘Main Mera Dekh Lungi‘ concept which clearly states how they independent they are.

The character essayed by Kanika shows her difficult journey. Right from being a hopeless girl to a successful actor and an independent woman with power, Guddan is winning hearts with her values. This Mother’s Day we have made a list when Guddan proved that she is the coolest saas. Here’s how you can imbibe values from her and be cool and sassy saas.

Guddan is the one who always stands with her family through thick and thin. When Antara tried to harm Guddan’s family and the latter came to their rescue. Guddan has always proved that she is a strong pillar who supports her husband AJ and her in-laws. She stands for what she believes in despite everyone going against her. Do you remember how Guddan been through a poisonous gas and the time when a snake attacked her when she was in a rush to save her family?

2. Accepts New Challenges

Guddan is the one person who has proved herself time and again. A few times ago when Guddan and AJ got into a fight and the latter stopped believing in her. She decided to leave the house and promised him that she will gain success and return in his life. After four years, Guddan returned to Jindal house after becoming a successful actress who is also an independent woman.

3. Loves To Learn New Things

Guddan is a person who is responsible and authoritative. She is quietly aware of her duties and responsibilities. Guddan makes it a point to learn new things from people around her.

4. Supports Her Bahu's

Since the time when Guddan entered the house as Mrs Akshat Jindal, the daughters-in-law of the house have been giving a tough time to her. ButGuddan has always been helpful towards her daughters-in-law. She tries to solve their problems and make their life easy as she can empathise with her.

5. Strong Independent Woman

After four years of leap in the show, the makers have shown how Guddan has changed herself for better. From being childish, silly to hopeless now Guddan has used her skills to the fullest. After leaving Jindal house, Guddan didn’t give up but proved herself by becoming a successful actor, an independent women with power. More power to you girl!

If you love chulbuli sasumaa Guddan, then watch more clips here.

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