Monday Motivation: The Age Old Practice Of Suryanamaskar Is The Way To Keep Yourself Fit

Sneha Bale

May 25, 2020


3 min

The lockdown is now thriving in its fourth phase. Most of us, continue to be locked inside the house in for the second month in a row. Some of us have made peace with the situation, while others are still struggling to keep themselves up and going. However, our state of mood cannot dictate the health of our body. And  Monday is a good time to start taking care of it.

Watch Rakulpreet Singh in the film Pandaga Chesko here:

We all know that actor Rakulpreet Singh is a huge believer in fitness and good health. Her glowing skin and chiselled figure are proof of how strictly she maintains herself. Moreover, Rakul has always been vocal about how working out and eating healthy have helped her. Similarly, she advocated that it can help us, too. During quarantine, we may give ourselves excuses. But the pretty actress suggested simply doing the age-old Suryanamaskar a few times is the best way to give our body some movement.

Rakul shared the video above comparing her practices in a yoga studio at home. The actor is trying to make a valid point of how exercising needs will power and not fancy equipment. She further explained in her caption, “This lockdown has pushed me to do 108 Surya namaskars, at least 2-3 times a week. The feeling post-practice is indescribable. Sun salutation helps you build inner and outer strength, create mind-body balance and churns every organ of your body to release toxins.”

We hope this encourages you to get off the couch and do something that could benefit you. And as Rakul mentioned, the feeling post-practice is indescribable. How about you give it a try and frame the feeling into a few words in the comments section below?

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