Monday Motivation: “Letting Go Is The Hardest Asana” Says Raashi Khanna

Sneha Bale

May 11, 2020


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In all honesty, we have all become lazier since the lockdown. But every day is a new opportunity to be a better version of ourselves. Forgive yourself for the past, and move forward with hope and dedication. Actor Raashi Khanna seems to have faced a similar path. But she stood up and walked away from all the evils that stop us from improving ourselves, like laziness, comfort and convenience.

Watch her in the film Hyper here:

Raashi has always been active on social media. Her Instagram feed is no less than a fashion magazine and we absolutely love her for it. While style plays an important role in her career, the actor has happily showcased the other side of her life during the lockdown. Recently, she shared pictures of herself performing various Yoga asanas. And it will truly inspire you to do better.

Raashi Khanna
Raashi Khanna

She captioned this picture as, “Halasana. Getting better each day. Hope you guys are working out in whatever little way possible at home! There’s so much stuff available even online to help you with it. Let’s not be lazy! Fitness first.” That’s what sets this beauty apart. She cares for people and wants her to do her best in ensuring people stay safe and healthy inside their homes.

Raashi Khanna
Raashi Khanna

Here, Raashi writes, “Letting go is the hardest asana. Tuning in and surrendering the self, body and soul, to yoga and just being… while on home quarantine.” Well, someone is clearly striking all the spiritual chords right. 

We hope this helps you knock down the Monday blues and step up your fitness game. Watch more interesting films on ZEE5, now available for free to all its subscribers.

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