Monday Motivation: Let Sukhpreet Trehan Be Your Fitness Trainer For The Week

Do you want a trainer in this #Lockdown period? Let Simple Sharma aka Sukhpreet Trehan teach you how to start your week with a cool workout.


June 22, 2020


2 min


Khasma Nu Khani‘s Simple Sharma aka Sukhpreet Trehan is multi-talented. We have seen how good she is at fashion hacks, but now, she has also become a fitness trainer.

Watch how Arman rebels against his parents for Simple here:

We all need someone to push ourselves from the weekend hangover. That’s why we bring you #MondayMotivation! This week, allow Simple Sharma to kickstart your Monday!

Let’s Start With Warm-up

Warm-up yourself with squats, jumping jacks, and bicycle-crunches. Sukh is doing it really well, isn’t she?

Skip Like Sukh

Source: Instagram

Turn your home into an open-area gym and trying skipping rope just like Sukhpreet. BTW, Sukhpreet jumped the rope 100 times! Isn’t that amazing?

Slack Out Just Like Sukhpreet

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Here, Sukhpreet is telling you to pick up dumbbells and do tricep hammer presses. This is how a winner gyms! Sweat it to earn it.

Trehan’s Easy Way Out

Source: Instagram

One exercise that gives nightmares to lazy lads is push-ups. But Sukhpreet has come up with slow-release push-ups to help you out. Check out the video!

Sukhpreet The Pusher

Source: Instagram

Now after tricep presses and slow-release push-ups, let’s get to external rotation to push press. Sukhpreet frankly shares this with the caption ‘work in progress.’ It seems that she’s putting maximum effort into turning this #Lockdown in her favour. One thing is for sure, post-quarantine, Sukhpreet will surely surprise you with how fit she looks! Gung-ho, girl!

So this is Sukhpreet’s workout routine. Share your views about it in the comment section below.

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